The global reach of Social Media

Social Media Strategy
Planning your Social Media Strategy (source : Advanced Human Technologies)

For every requirement such as bonding with friends & sharing life’s secrets, articulating strong opinions, analysis & evaluation of a trend, or learning while watching; there’s a plethora of social media options to choose from for each of the thing that forms part of our intent. Year 2011, surely promises to augment this virtual brotherhood, i.e. this optimal representative of a globalizing world.

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Dell to reward $50,000 to businesses that use Technology to better serve customers

Saw this over at Starup Spark – Dell is offering Small Business Excellence Award, a sum of $50,000 for those that use technology to better serve the customers.

For small companies with 100 or less employees, their owners, president or CEOs can apply for this award which is open till 29th Feb, 2008. Dell is looking for companies that has driven a significant change and/or developed a competitive advantage in delivering superior customer value and experience. Dell also wants your company to share customer testimonials to show how technology has helped you improve customer relationships.

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