Subversion Best Practices – Quick Notes

I was trying to know a bit more about Subversion folder management myself. While looking around, I found a quick and to-the-point article at Subversion Best Practices. I decided to profile a Quick-View version for my reference.


  1. REPOSITORY: Official recommendation is to have three folders/subdirectories under the Project Root – “trunk”, “branches” and “tags”.
  2. COMMIT WISELY: Commit to reflect a single purpose.
  3. ISSUE-TRACKER: Create 2-way links between Subversion changesets and issue-tracking database.
  4. TRACK MERGES MANUALLY: Write descriptive log message that explains your merge.

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Dude, version it with CVSDude

I am not trying to endorse their service but these guys at CVSDude are cool. I have been saved twice (serious cases) through their service. I really love this SVN thingy that I got one of their unlimited users with 5 Gigs of disc space for our development and research team.

A client who have been with us for over 3 years got back to us and wanted a revised edition of one of their application. The current version of the application is in v2 beta and they needed a skinned/chromed version out of their v1 application which was finished almost 2 years ago which we did just on the eve of our subscription with CVSDude.

Our sudden reaction when we could not find some AS1 classes where to look at CVSdude but somehow missed those. Had we did long back, it would have been cool! We have to finally dig through our old project archives to get to that version.

SVN, CVS and CVSDude rocks!