Y Combinator’s new Gambit is the ultimate founder dating & recruiting manna

There’s been quite an array of reactions to the new move by Y Combinator when they announced the application for startup entrepreneurs sans the idea of a Business or a Product. As a ‘Startup Entrepreneur’, my spontaneous reaction, wrapped in a tweet was, “any entrepreneur or founder eager to do a Startup will be brimming […]

Are you prepared for the bonfire of the already hot Personals Internet Space

Hot or Not was acquired for $20 million. WooMe recently got $3 million funding. It sure looks like the already HOT Personals space on the Internet is becoming more and more hot. Are you prepared to be part of the bonfire?

Live Speed Dating

LSD or Live Speed Dating is about an Enterprise Rich Internet Application that allows people to engage in Audio-Video and text chat in a varied setting. The main feature of the application is the LSD . At any point in time the application’s site will have various LSD events scheduled so people can engage in a blind speed date online.