Adobe Creative Suite 3 Wallpapers

Together these 6 editions of Creative Suite 3 address virtually every creative discipline and empower you to work more efficiently with your creative team; collaborate more closely with developers to produce engaging experiences; and serve your clients, your business, and your creative vision more easily and effectively than ever before.

Microsoft Windows Vista Wallpapers

Microsoft started work on their plans for Windows Vista (“Longhorn”) in 2001, prior to the release of Windows XP. It was originally expected to ship sometime late in 2003 as a minor step between Windows XP (codenamed “Whistler”) and “Blackcomb” (now known as Windows “Vienna”).

Ajaxified version of Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme

This is worth an article than just doing an update. Nico Berlee liked my theme so much that he went ahead and Ajaxified my theme. Read the details about his Ajaxified version of Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme. Just in case his site goes down or something goes wrong, I have taken a backup of the […]

Nishita – another Free Photo Blog WordPress Theme

A simple, sleek and minimal (quick and simple install/setup) Photo Blog theme for Wordpress – Nishita. Nishita came to my mind as I felt the need of a simple Photo blog to highlight some of the selected photographs from on my Flickr Photos.

Tips for those who make websites, quality websites

I have been trying hard during weekends to make this site a bit more easy to navigate, more usable and more toward standards. I think the quality tips for webmasters from would be a useful read for many who maintains blogs. The title is one of the most important element of a quality web […]