In50hrs – The Idea-to-Prototype Event

In50hrs is an interesting concept, where ideas meet doer to build something in a short time – a weekend. In50hrs is The Idea-To-Prototype Event. Entrepreneurs (or Idea Smiths), Developers and Product Designers come together to work on audacious ideas and build working prototypes (MVP) over a Weekend. In50hrs have few chapters happening across major Indian […]

Jobs and Hiring – You’re doing it all wrong

My daughter pulled me out of bed to a lazy Sunday morning and we found one of her small fish dead. Well, she’s been frantically waving her ‘magic’ wand to bring it back to life. She even telephoned the ‘fish doctor’ asking for help. At last, we agreed to let go of the fish and […]

Facebook Returns to “Hacker Roots” with Open-Source Data Center Project

In a surprise move Facebook has gone back to their “hacker roots” — their words not mine, by releasing their data center designs to the public. In a project dubbed the Open Compute project, Facebook has busted open the secretive world of data centers by making their designs public and open source. We decided to […]

Choose a web developer carefully

A Team of Dedicated Developers (source : Flickr) If you were to poll a hundred serious business owners on the street and ask them if a website was a crucial part of starting a business, at least ninety would probably say it is. Yet, if you polled the same hundred people and asked what resources […]

IT Geeks: Entrepreneurs or Drones?

For those who think they do not have the resources available to them then consider Fritz Ekwoge, a Cameroon born and based programmer and develop who created, a mobile phone based directory. Or, look at 15 zear oldLachy Groom from Australia who is on her 4th tech startup with her newest project dubbed the iPad Case Finder.