Cloud Computing will develop rural and developing areas

Cloud computing has the ability to transform the developing world, and bring it into the high tech age at lightning speed via what the NY Times calls ‘Gandhi engineering‘. The challenges previously faced by developing countries over reliable power sources, lack of connectivity and expensive equipment costs that were prohibitive for developing areas to modernize are all being addressed by cloud computing. Cloud computing has the potential to create a paradigm shift in the way IT resources are used and distributed, says P. Sinha, Chief Coordinator for R&D at Pune University, India in the Center for Development of Advanced Computing. In India alone cloud computing is projected to grow from a $50 million a year industry to $15 billion in the next few years.

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Application Configuration (XML) File

Today as I was doing a round of Java Blogs, I came across an article, “On Configuration and XML“.

We have been using some sorta config.xml for most, well for all our Flash Applications. Not only does this makes life easier for the client but even for us while testing, debugging and even when we have to make quick changes without getting dirty with the codes. And yes, once the Application is deployed, changing nifty things is a breeze with the config.xml file. You should have read the happy, satisfied client’s mails when we simply tell them to change some strings in the xml and viola, they have what they want.

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Advanced Flash Developers needed

The market of today needs more Advanced Flash Developers. Very recently I had witnessed two unpalatable cases where two companies have shifted to another technology just because there are not good Advanced Flash Developers ready to take on such projects, work. Well, there are not enough Flash Developers at all. The companies then just dump Flash and went in for other alternatives. They are the typical RIA that we termed it and I was unable to provide them any developers capable of doing the same. Many of my friends who are fanstastic developers are already filled up to the brim with projects. We had recently laugh at the idea if we could be given an additional 12 hrs to the normal 24 we have.

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Tips for those who make websites, quality websites

I have been trying hard during weekends to make this site a bit more easy to navigate, more usable and more toward standards. I think the quality tips for webmasters from would be a useful read for many who maintains blogs.

The title is one of the most important element of a quality web page, more to this effect to talked over at the Central dev chat during the weekend and Oscar Trelles showed some more light in the same direction. Don’t use “click here” as link text, use h1 for top-level heading, do not forget the alt attribute otherwise it will not even validate on most doctypes, stay on a harmonious color scheme for your site, make more readable URIs et cetera. There are many nice tips worth reading them time and again.

Useful articles, links on web standards, must DOs for Web/Internet Application developers;