What Startups can learn from Iron Man 3

Yes, as expected Iron Man 3 was an awesome movie. The movie opens as a narrative by Tony Stark to Dr. Bruce Banner, a story that started way before Tony Stark became Iron Man. I won’t be talking about the movie, I’ll let you enjoy that at a theatre near you. So, after the Avengers […]

Krassimir Fotev scoffs at SEO with his brainchild, Peer Belt

If you’re like me then you are sick of SEO. These cookie-cutter predictive patterns that create a myopic filter for the content we see online make as much sense as casting a rapper in a film noir, or taking a three-year old to a fine china shop. This must be what Krassimir Fotev thought when […]

“Entrepreneur in Residence” – Who are you kidding?

I stumbled on this title quite a few times and I say it’s total crap, full of shit. “Entrepreneur in Residence.” Look around, quite a number of big companies have them. These ‘entrepreneurs’ flaunt their titles just as flashily as they could. Personally, I find it rather derogatory to the spirit of entrepreneurship. Let’s look […]

A (Virtual)sit-down with Andrea Chang and her brainchild BrainGig

Most entrepreneurs go into business for the incredible experience or with aspirations of financial freedom – but very few go into it with a benevolent agenda like Andrea Chang. OK, quasi-benevolent. The technology/idea Andrea invented, BrainGig, helps connect individuals and teams with much-needed funding opportunities. When Andrea saw the disconnect between existing funding opportunities and […]

Your virtual assistant is a partner, not an employee

Photo from GeorgiaVirtualAssistantsVirtual Assistants Helping you get things done. Virtual assistants provide professional, administrative or professional assistance to other entrepreneurs. Clearly, they can be some of the best business relationships you can possibly have. Businesses often underestimate the potential of the relationship. Many entrepreneurs think of a virtual assistant as a secretary who they can […]

The only social networking strategy that works

There is a lot of debate in the entrepreneurial community on the effectiveness of social networking. The reason why they are in disagreement over the return they can receive from social networking is because only the ones who do it right understand how well it can work. The truth is that if you do social […]

Entrepreneur Journeys by Sramana Mitra

Technology startup success and the knowledge required to achieve it, is out there to be leveraged by anyone who is willing to listen.