A quick chat about “In50Hrs” with Vijay Anand

Many in the Indian Startup scene knows Vijay Anand or have heard of him. Vijay Anand run The Startup Centre and is very involved with Startups and Entrepreneurs in India.

I recently had the opportunity to meet him in person when he brought In50Hrs to Bangalore for the first time. In50hrs is The Idea-To-Prototype Event. Entrepreneurs, Developers, and Product Designers come together to work on audacious ideas and build working prototypes (MVP) over a Weekend.

Vijay’s been organizing In50Hrs in Chennai for quite a while and he is taking his idea to other cities in India – Delhi, Pune and Bangalore. I asked him few quick questions and he have some thoughtful answers, which I’m sure will be useful to budding entrepreneurs and startups in India.

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Golden Seeds plans Angel investment for women entrepreneurs in India

Golden Seeds, a U.S based angel investing group that promotes women entrepreneurs, is exploring opportunities in India. A delegation of 14 will be visiting Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, meeting with the early stage investing community and entrepreneurs. As part of this, 10 entrepreneurs are being selected from a call for business plans to pitch for funding from Golden Seeds as well as investors based in India on March 5th, 2011 at a day-long event to be held at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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IT Geeks: Entrepreneurs or Drones?

The IT Crowd
Moss, Jen and Roy from The IT Crowd

As we slowly climb out of a global recession the idea of being a corporate drone is becoming less appealing. The truth is that somewhere between 7.2 to 8 million people lost their corporate-level job, most which were from large companies.

Researchers are finding that trends are showing that I.T. professionals are beginning to work for themselves in higher numbers, securing their futures and allowing them to control their own destinies. Geeks, hackers, and I.T. entrepreneurs have been doing this for years, but not in these numbers. While many people think of IT workers as firefighters who fix the everyday absurdities caused from techno-weenies, this is becoming decreasingly true.

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