Get a ticket, worth Rs. 16,000, to ad:tech (New Delhi, India)

UPDATE: Praval Singh is the lucky winner.

I got an email from the CEO of Teknopoint Adobe Training Center that they have a ticket to AD:Tech, New Delhi (INDIA) on 27th and 28th April, 2011.

What is ad:tech all about?

For more than ten years, ad:tech has provided media, marketing and technology professionals with the tools and techniques they need to succeed in a changing digital world. With 10 shows in 7 countries, ad:tech’s globally respected roster of speakers, workshops and exhibitors continues to make it the preferred resource and destination for digital marketers everywhere.

The event includes a full conference program featuring leading minds, globally respected international keynote presentations the most targeted exhibition floor showcasing industry leaders.

India’s First

ad:tech New Delhi 2011 will be the first ever regional event in India and will bring together brand advertisers, traditional & interactive agencies, portals, on-line publishers and technology providers. The two day exhibition and highly engaging conference is being planned for 27-28 April 2011 in Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) and will provide the attendees with a mass of new knowledge and many new contacts.

How to get the ticket!

Fill out your details and Teknopoint will choose one.

Win $5000 at Come2Play Flash Dev Competition

Come2Play and the Linkedin Flash Game Developers Group are launching the 2nd “Games that Challenge the World Contest” for multiplayer games. Cash prizes totalling $10,000 will be awarded to contest winners!


1st Place – $5,000
2nd Place – $3,000
3rd Place – $1,250
4th Place – $750

Come2Play Flash Dev Competition

Contest Genre & Judging:

The contest genre is ‘Casual Games’ and submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Multiplayer playability for new and return players
  • Replay ability of the game
  • Design, sound and effects
  • Concept and execution

Developers keep all rights to the games they submit and even previously released games can be entered.

Check out the winning entries of the 1st ‘Games that Challenge the World Contest’.

Full competition details, submissions available at The 2nd Games that Challenge the World Contest!

UPDATE: The contest is being extended till April 15.

India’s Software Developer Awards

Saltmarch Media’s annual Great Indian Developer Awards honor technologies that are contributing to the productivity and innovation excellence of the Indian developer ecosystem. The awards recognize the product and innovation excellence of the hundreds of software products and tools that aid developer productivity, across 11 different categories. The selection criteria applied places emphasis on functionality, usability, innovation excellence, bleeding-edge quotient, and feedback from the developer ecosystem. Nominations to the 2011 edition of the awards are invited.

IT professionals are invited to nominate software tools, frameworks and platforms that are not only popular in your development organizations, but also have changed the way you approach your development tasks and ushered in innovation, cost-effectiveness, performance improvements and ease of use.

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CES 2012 – let’s anticipate Open Source

I know, it is too early to be thinking of the CES 2012, especially when the CES 2011 has just recently come to an end and we still haven’t delved deep into the nitty-gritties of the event’s outcome. However, it does not stop us from thinking and talking about the expectations from the next CES event. There were so many innovative products and services that were discussed, introduced and anticipated in this year’s event, but there has never been the prominent presence of Open Source Software. This is exactly what the hope shall be for next year’s event – A prominent presence of Open Source Software at CES 2012.

Let us take a look at 5 anticipated Open Source projects to be spoken about in the coming up event.

1. Ubuntu to take centre stage

Though Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux distribution has made its presence felt during CES events, the coverage that it deserves has still not been given to it. There was just this one time when a series of ARM-powered laptops debuted by Chinese firm Nufront in one of the CES events. Ubuntu’s successful growth rate with its innovative feature-list and the fact that it is absolutely free makes it, and understandably so, a thing of the future and hence deserves a centre stage at a CES event. It is also essential that we see Ubuntu in 2 kinds at the event – One as a stand-alone operating system on laptops, notebooks and tablets and Two routinely as a dual-boot option.

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OpenLeaks, a more transparent alternative to WikiLeaks


After all the hoopla that WikiLeaks went through along with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, it was a wonderment as to what would happen to the online whistle-blowing fraternity. Well, there seems no respite yet for the fraternity cause former deputy to Assange, Daniel Domscheit-Berg along with a few more ex-WikiLeaks employees has launched OpenLeaks which promises to be more transparent, better and bigger than WikiLeaks.

The website will be functional from the summer of 2011, but the site right now is live only with the OpenLeaks logo and he phrase “Coming soon!”. Speaking about the non-proliferation of WikiLeaks and Cryptome on the internet Daniel Domscheit-Berg said “the fear of an immense lack of knowledge and the technical know-how to keep these organizations in operation has lead them to failure.” He also spoke in detail of his project while he was at the 27th Chaos Communication Congress, an annual political and technology conference in Berlin on December 30, to an audience of 300 activists and hackers.

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Event Management made easier with Eventzilla

A recent and a more general web surfing activity of mine lead me into encountering a unique, quick & simple, and a very inexpensive online start-up firm named Eventzilla. I say unique, because it is a service that was never before thought of and one which could help event management firms save a lot of time. I say, quick & simple because unlike other online services, this website enables event organizers to take very little lead time and complications in availing event management solutions. I say, very inexpensive because there are very few or no online services existing that cost as reasonable as Eventzilla.

Unique, Quick, Simple and Reasonable

Let me get into nitty-gritty’s now and exemplify how Eventzilla, in the most reasonable of costs and in the most simplest of ways, solves event management predicaments. To host an event is quite a challenging task for even organizers and to make their lives simple and easy is the motto of Eventzilla. It usually takes a day or even two for an event to draw audiences online and also buy tickets online, but the web-based software firm enables event organizers to develop online event registration forms and accomplish ticketing registration in not more than 5 minutes. In no time will the organizer be able to set up an online registration page by filling out basic details like name of the event, location, pricing options, event description, etc.

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Mobile Developer Summit 2010 (India)

Mobile phones are poised to overtake PCs as the most-ubiquitous Web access device worldwide. As the ecosystem pushes the pedal to transition to a mobile-centric computing world, developers will find a greater need to distribute their products and services via mobile platforms, whether they are pursuing projects on behalf of their companies or innovating on their own.

As the focus world-wide shifts from App Stores to Developers (some even calling 2010 the Year of the Developer), the annual Mobile Developer Summit (MODS) brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the mobile ecosystem to share their passion, experience, grit and learning to a gathering of over a 1000 mobile/web application developers and technologists. Whether experienced or new developers, or industry experts and decision makers, all share the floor to debate, share and rethink the world of mobile. Continue reading

Great Indian Developer Summit 2009

I got a Press Release of the upcoming GIDS ’09 and here is an excerpt.

The summit’s program covers Java, REST, Unit testing, Groovy, Spring, Struts 2.0, SOA, Cloud Computing, Web Services, JRuby, RoR, Ruby, JVM, JPA, Apache, Grails, Agile, HTML 5, Ajax, ADO .NET, C# 4.0, C# vNext, Visual Studio, ASP .NET Ajax 4.0, T-SQL, Silverlight and more through various interactive discussion formats. High-profile speakers at the summit include Craig McClanahan (Java Studio Creator), Venkat Subramaniam (Agile Developer Founder), Beat Schwegler (S+S, Web 2.0, SOA), Ola Bini (JRuby Core Developer and Ruby), Nikhil Kothari (ASP.NET & .NET, Silverlight), Dr. Jim Weber (SOA, REST), Howard Lewis Ship (Apache Tapestry Creator), Jonas Jacobi (Founder of Kaazing), Chad Hower (Cosmos, ADO .NET).

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IIM Ahmedabad’s Leverage 2009

Leverage, the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club of IIM Ahmedabad and the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship bring to you the 1st edition of the Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference on the 6th and 7th of February, 2009. The theme for the first edition of the Conference, Leverage 2009 is “Venture Capital and Private Equity: Investing and Managing Portfolios in Distressed Times”.

One of the main attraction of the event is that of the B-Plan Showcase, where in startups will be invited to pitch to the Investors. If the Investors find the concept interesting and the team worth it, they will go ahead and likely offer them funding.

B-Plans will be scrutinized through a rigorous three step process of evaluation culminating in a closed door business plan presentation before industry experts and investors. Teams would not only get expert advice on how to fine-tune their plans and nip any shortcomings, but also a golden chance to get seed funding from the potential investors. Deadline for first round entries is January 16th, 2009. Download Showcase details and rules (pdf).