Are “experts” successful at predicting trends in the technology industry?

If you are a smart businessperson, you know to do your research. You probably use Reddit, Google Alerts, Trade magazines and reputable blogs to follow trends in the industry and technology environments to know how to make your business more successful. Experts have made numerous predictions that seem critical to understanding the changing environment of your startup.

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Who or what the hell is a Hacker?

Trinity in Matrix using Nmap to hackDo we really understand the term “hacker”? There is a thin digital line that divides the hacker that most digerati knows and the hacker (who are more aptly termed as crackers) that other common technical people refer too.

Computer pirates, cybernetic criminals, technology experts at the service of any cyber-gang or cyber-terrorists are some of the terms associated with the so called “hackers”. Despite all that, “Hacker” seems to garner much more meanings than the online community is ready to accept.

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