Web video gone wild

Recently, Adobe announced the availability of the beta version of their latest Flash Player. With it came the good news about the future of high quality video on the Internet – support for H.264 video, ACC Audio, et al. Of course, the superior quality that H.264 will bring is definitely going to be a key factor in the future. However, what tagged along with the good news were some caveats and strings that will make you to think and ponder upon what it will cost you.

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Flash Media Server 2

I was asking a list about the release of FCS 2 and then I heard news of Macromedia announcing their Flash Media Server 2 formerly known as Flash Communication Server. What a timely announcement!

Flash Media Server 2 introduces new scalable Edge-Origin servers, an optional, enterprise-ready architecture that simplifies load balancing, failover and clustering. Flash Media Server 2 video experiences take advantage of the new high-quality video codec in Flash Player 8, complete with automatic detection of the client’s bandwidth connection and capability to adjust the stream accordingly.

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Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX
Have a look at the companion website for “Macromedia Flash Communication Server MX” book, it would be worth visiting this site if you are developing something related to the new hot technology from Macromedia. You may also buy the book from amazon.