5 Very Cool Travel Gadgets

Travel has gone high-tech. This is good and bad, depending on perspective. But we’re going to say it’s mostly good. An argument can definitely be made that technology innovations have no place in travel, but that entirely depends on the reason for traveling in the first place. Sure, if you are looking to escape your regular life for much needed rest and relaxation then, yes, technology may not be your best travel companion.

But if you’re a business traveler, or a vacationer that simply cannot leave communications behind, then the right tech gadgets can be a boon to the experience. Most people would probably fall into this category – it’s hard to imagine leaving behind the iPhone for an entire week or other devices like tablets, laptops and iPods for that matter.

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Cool droid phones you should absolutely consider

Android phones have revolutionized our lives. From searching for a nearest hotel to stay while traveling, to meet emergencies like admitting into a nearest best hospital for medical care; Androids have touched every sphere of life. You have images, movies, music, games and applications and what not, everything on it! For many younger generations it has become a way of life. There are some strong addicts too. There are some teens that can stay away from their girlfriends and boyfriends but not from androids. The sleek hand-held device is able to perform most of the tasks instead of performing the same from your laptop. Android OS’s (Operating System) capability in developing powerful mobile applications helps you perform many tasks instead of going for a desktop or laptop.

Android’s fire will continue to spread in the coming months by adding many new and innovative applications to its fold. Already, it has got more than 100,000 mobile applications to its pool. In fact, it is hard to resist the revolution of comfort and smart work with these smart phones! Let me point out 5 cool Android phones in India on which you must certainly consider putting your hands on.

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Bee TV – Merger of Television & Social Media

Have you ever imagined what fun it would be, if you could share your views and comments with friends and near ones, while you are watching your favorite television show? This is no longer a distant dream, as Bee TV has perfectly connected television viewing with social networking. So, for the first time in the history of technology, sharing the best moments of television watching with your friends has been enabled by this excellent application. To start off, the Bee TV can be used by you either on your iPad or you can also use it on the website of Bee TV on the internet. It will, however, be soon available with a host of other devices like the Androids, according to the assurance of Yaniv Solnik, the Founder & CEO of Bee TV.

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A Tremulous Terrain – Energy DashBoards

In an era of energy independence and increased global warming, using electricity smartly is as important as using it sparsely.

Transforming the ever increasing monthly electricity bill into richer energy information is a daunting task for smart-grid companies. In the DistribuTech Utility-Industry Conference, held earlier this month, many advanced home energy management systems were launched in the market. Schneider introduced its Wiser product set, inclusive of a wireless thermostat and a display; and Intel announced that Capgemini will use Intel’s Home Energy Dashboard in its utility consulting practice. Energate introduced a Smart Thermostat that connects to a display and other appliances on a home network, thus making it easy to control even from a laptop.

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Tips – Finding the Best & Cheapest Laptop

Be it watching a movie, listening to music, watching television, editing pictures, make records and file them, etc., all this and more is now possible by owning a good laptop – Want to watch a movie? Pop in a DVD. Want to listen to music? Try a CD, or play your MP3 collection or stream music from the Internet. Want to watch television? Stream shows from the Web, or get a digital tuner and get local broadcasts for free. Got a digital camera? Use a laptop to preview your pictures and edit them. You can even make phone calls, with an app called Skype. And to top this off all this is available at a price that is easily affordable even for a middle-class audience – less than $400. A dilemma however is that there is a whole lot of choices to opt from (numerous brands to pick from).

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TestFreaks – a way to find products and prices through reviews, forums, blogs

Nikon D40xI was looking for reviews, price list, comparisons while I was planning to buy my first DSLR. I settled for the Nikon D40x as it came under my budget and I think I made a good choice for an entry level, hobby photography DSLR.

During my planning process, co-incidentally, a client of mine emailed me about TestFreaks, a new aggregator kinda sites that pulls in reviews, test, etc from blogs, forums and news sites. I won’t say the site is one stop point for all your reviews reading but it does prove to be a good starting point. They are expected to start their private beta soon, sign-up if you wish to be invited.

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Enter the era of IPTV

Television in the old daysIn the past, TV was primarily distributed by a terrestrial system – cable or satellite. With the increasing reach of internet, high bandwidth availability coupled with the decrease of connection costs; it has become very common for television content to be broadcast over the internet.

The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) now called World News, in 1994 was the first television channel to stream over the internet, using a software developed by Tim Dorcey at Cornell University. The internet television use the connection of the internet to deliver video from a source to a target device.

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Who or what the hell is a Hacker?

Trinity in Matrix using Nmap to hackDo we really understand the term “hacker”? There is a thin digital line that divides the hacker that most digerati knows and the hacker (who are more aptly termed as crackers) that other common technical people refer too.

Computer pirates, cybernetic criminals, technology experts at the service of any cyber-gang or cyber-terrorists are some of the terms associated with the so called “hackers”. Despite all that, “Hacker” seems to garner much more meanings than the online community is ready to accept.

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