Key features Google+ needs to challenge Facebook

Within a month of its launch, Google+ is considered to be peril to the current social networking don Facebook. However Google+ needs much more enhancements else it may join the Google’s flop list (Orkut, Buzz & Wave). Albeit, the features of Google+ are stunning and the User Interface is too gorgeous than any existing social network, Google+ is still a half scorched one and it needs striking enhancements to capture the throne from Facebook.

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Google Plus – Hope, Not a Google Sham!

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There are a plethora of social websites available in the virtual world. Wikipedia even has a list of them. Despite, Google has taken a bold step by unveiling Google Plus, one of it’s precious projects. If rumors are to be believed, it could give a tough competition to the king of the social networks, Facebook. Few geeks among us would have already figured out the difference between both Facebook & Google Plus. For those who haven’t, do read ahead for my take on it.

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