SkyNET Robot Hacker – DIY Mobile Hacking for under $600

It was only a matter of time before bored DIY geeks began combining fun toys with dangerous snooping technology; which is exactly what someone did when they combined a DIY remote-control toy helicopter with wireless-network-hacking computer. The end result is the ominous sounding SkyNET bot, a menacing hacker drone with an even more dubious-sounding name.

The Terminator-inspired name SkyNET may be just the ticket to purveying exactly how ominous a fly-in-the-air wireless hacking machine can be. This cheap and easy to build machine can be built for less than $600 ($300 for the helicopter alone) by anyone with a curious mind and even the slightest technical know-how. Building the machine requires only a remote-control helicopter (SkyNET uses a Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter) modded with a lightweight computer (SkyNET uses Linux), a 3G connection, a GPS receiver, and 2 Wifi cards (one for the remote control and one for attacking the wireless networks).

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Hacker Group Anonymous living in Infamy

Anonymous Group
Anonymous is a group initiating active Civil disobedience and spread through the Internet while staying hidden, representing the concept of many online community users simultaneously existing as an anarchic, digitized global brain. (source : Wikipedia)

After the long string of successful attacks in 2011, Anonymous will live in infamy. Their most recent attacks on America’s 13th largest defense contractor Booz Allen pilfered 90,000 military emails and passwords — an attack that part of their – Military Meltdown Monday campaign, an element of their AntiSec movement. And before that their attack on international agri-biotech company Monsanto led to the release of contact info for 2,500 of Monsanto’s employees; in retaliation for their use of Bovine Growth Hormones.

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Who or what the hell is a Hacker?

Trinity in Matrix using Nmap to hackDo we really understand the term “hacker”? There is a thin digital line that divides the hacker that most digerati knows and the hacker (who are more aptly termed as crackers) that other common technical people refer too.

Computer pirates, cybernetic criminals, technology experts at the service of any cyber-gang or cyber-terrorists are some of the terms associated with the so called “hackers”. Despite all that, “Hacker” seems to garner much more meanings than the online community is ready to accept.

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