Bulletproof your self-hosted WordPress blog: how to survive traffic spikes

There is a rather complex, long and detailed article on how to Bulletproof your blog: a guide for surviving traffic spikes, but for all the other self-hosted WordPress blogs out there, here is a simple non-geeky solution suited for most of us. You don’t need to edit anything, pull or push anything – you’ve to just worry about your actual writing/blogging.

Note: Recently one of my article, Desingineer – the mythical person every Startups are looking for, stayed on the frontpage of HackerNews for about 24 hours and it held up without any problem. Here is the video of the traffic onslaught.


Host with a service provider who can scale up when you get a traffic spike. These days, there are WordPress speciality hosting providers. If yours is WordPress, why not host with them. I’ve hosted with both WPEngine and Page.ly and they’re equally good – go ahead and pick one.

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Please help me get the message across to MediaTemple

I’ve been very happy and satisfied with the hosting at MediaTemple. They are one of the best web hosting providers around and with their recent introduction of Grid Server, they have introduced many good features and more juices to your hosting needs.

However, they’ve been erratic of late with their Urchin Statistics and their MySQL Database being unable to keep up with the query demands.

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The Ultimate Web Host!

The Ultimate Web Host?I am looking out for a webhost which I can swear upon in term of uptime, technical excellence, scalability, well I mean kick-ass hosting. When I was running and concentraing on just my personal blog (brajeshwar.com), I was very happy with mediatemple.net (mt) but then my need grew, then somehow I cannot afford the luxury of (mt) anymore. My current host is also good, good technical support, fast and good but somehow I am not satisfied yet. I have been facing lotta issues lately, it so happens that sometimes both my primary mail server and the back-up mail server goes down.

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