Will love-hate relationship continue with Flash 11?

The love-hate relationship that millions of computer geeks around the world have with Flash is about to change. Flash Player has gotten a makeover and released its version 11. The widely-used browser plug-in from Adobe got an overhaul, undoubtedly due to threats to its monopoly from rapidly-growing web standards competitors like HTML5, Silverlight and Java FX. Web standards coming to market is the only threat to Flash’s supremacy though, Adobe’s brainchild has also been locked out of iOS devices and has only a small foothold with Android.

With this new release of Flash Adobe seems to be forgetting the iOS lockout and other cellphone and tablet platforms, and instead is targeting high-end technology — specifically within gaming, high-end video, in-house application building and the growing 64-bit world.

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Autoplay Video in HTML5

I’ve been playing around with SublimeVideo; it’s being used on the Launch Page of Levoma. As the video had to be part of the page, I was hoping I can do an autoplay in the HTML and it automatically play on its own. However, SublimeVideo won’t allow that.

The Video Embed code for HTML5 states that you can have an autoplay so the video can be played without needing user intervention.

<video src="myvideo.ogg" width="320" height="240" autoplay></video>

That didn’t play well with Sublime Video code. SublimeVideo’s API (still in beta) suggest using sublimevideo.prepareAndPlay(video) but they didn’t have a code handy to use. So, here is the simple code to do it.

Here is a working example.

(Video Source: Bruce Lee: The Lost Interview (1971))

P.S. However, on a philosophical note and best practice, I’d not throw a video to a user that auto-play on its own. The Video on Levoma was part of the landing-page experience and there was no audio.