Future of tweeting about unfamiliar subjects!

There’s a subtle mystery behind why James Bond has always been portrayed as the savior of the capitalist economy. He is the messiah of the British superpower whose villains are essentially from socialistic nations – Cuba, North Korea, Russia, Hungary, etc.

Daniel Craig as James Bond

If Ian Fleming would have been alive now he would have definitely used the invincible power of social media to fortify James Bond in his latest appearance. The power of social media can be put to different use (or abuse) – the choice is completely vested with the knowledgeable and willing user. Twitter has been transformed as a public relations tool for keeping people informed by many agencies. Thus, secret agent James Bond with the help of followers online can gather snippets on everything – from the secretary of State’s remarks at Middle East peace talks to NASA’s take on commercial space travel. Further, James Bond can use Twitter to coordinate emergency response, meet his associates virtually or romance his woman, besides building network with others in their field.

Chuck fiction, reality is stranger than fiction in its queer ways.

Twitter is not just an Internet application that allows individuals to broadcast their thoughts and actions minute-by-minute on a massive blog. It definitely is beyond that. The omnipresent Social Media Enthusiasts probably overlook it. It’s time to break the perception that the tool is just for socializing, gossiping and keeping tabs on their friends’ whereabouts. It can also mean serious Social Business, a different method of conducting work, making relationships, sharing information, sense-making, situational awareness, etc.

Whether it is earthquake in Haiti or floods in Pakistan the Twitterverse has been extensively used for mission critical purposes – from crisis mapping to spreading salvage messages. But Tweets can take on a life of their own, and rumors are bound to spread. “Twitter offers agencies a chance to quickly correct misinformation”, says Luke Forgerson, who is managing editor of State’s blog StateDept and helps oversee the department’s Twitter account. For instance in March, State used Twitter to quash a rumor that Madagascar’s ousted president was in hiding at the island’s U.S. embassy. Officials were concerned the rumor would prompt an embassy attack so they Tweeted a denial of the episode.

NASA has been very active on Twitter and has drafted social media guidelines to help officials publicly converse outside of formal communication channels. The guidelines would also help the agencies to draw clear-cut lines so that employees do not break news on their Twitter accounts. In September last year an e-mail virus hit some of NASA’s servers, prompting employees to let colleagues know via Twitter and other social sites. Typically NASA employees would not even breathe a word about internal issue potentially impacting agency activities. But, immediacy and convenience of Twitter seem to remove that built-in filter people have when publicly discussing internal issues.

The definition of ‘internal’ would gradually change and thus, for years together, what was considered to be censored content even on private phone calls, people would think nothing of typing it on a giant message board for the world to see.

Isn’t that tweeting about un-familiar subjects? Dare you say a No!

Bond will kick the living daylights out of everyone

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Quantum of Solace
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Friday is already here initiating the weekend, let’s talk a bit about Entertainment (perhaps Movies). Sun UK have a sneak preview bringing us good entertaining news — Quantum of Solace will kick the living daylights out of any rival action-hero franchises.

Daniel Craig’s second outing as the world’s most famous secret agent is something you won’t forget in a hurry.

A refreshed Bond was introduced in 2006 as a gritty killing machine, a trigger happy agent, alcoholic-noob, man who falls in love. Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale was an ultimate hit with the fans.

Sun reports that Quantum of Solace kicks off with Bond in the car chase of his life as his Aston Martin DB9 is pursued through the narrow cliff-top lanes of the Italian Lakes followed by a Bourne Ultimatum-style rooftop chase, with the famous Palio Horse Race as a stunning backdrop. The stunts, glamorously dangerous for good reasons.


A driver had head injuries after crashing into a wall filming the cliff-top chase. Another had a narrow escape after skidding off a cliff into a lake. And Craig needed eight stitches in his face after a fight scene and he had the top of a finger sliced off.

It’s a miracle anyone survived filming long enough for Bond to kill them in the movie. Quantum of Solace is the first 007 sequel, it picks up directly from where Casino Royale left off. Bond is out to get revenge for the death of his lover Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) at any cost. But his path of destruction leads him to the discovery of a new threat to the world, crime syndicate Quantum.

Bond Girls: Camille (Olga Kurylenko) and Mi6 agent Fields (Gemma Arterton)

The story builds up as Quantum’s mastermind billionaire-environmentalist Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) uses a campaign to save swathes of rainforest as a cover for his evil plan.

Meanwhile, M (Judi Dench) is worried, “Bond, if you could avoid killing every lead there is, that would be appreciated.” To which, he dryly replies, “I will do my best” then heads off in designer suits to slay some more. Things get so bad that M revokes his licence to kill.

Here the notches on his gun far outnumber the notches on his bedpost. Nonetheless, there are two sexy Bond girls — Camille (Olga Kurylenko) and Mi6 agent Fields (Gemma Arterton). But the only flash of flesh in the 105-minute movie (the shortest Bond Movie ever) is a very quick nookie scene with Fields.

The smartass quips and camp gadget-king Q have also been axed. And for the first time the immortal line “The name’s Bond, James Bond” is not used.

In his pursuit of the bad guys, Bond goes from the UK to Italy to Bolivia to Austria, back to Italy, across to Haiti and finally to Russia. On the way, he writes off a fleet of cars, blows up a helicopter and military jetfighter, destroys a cargo plane and several boats.

Though not that ground-breaking as Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace will kick the living daylights out of any rival action-hero franchises.

The lucky residents of UK will be able to enjoy Quantum Of Solace on October 31, 2008, India will see it on November 7 while the US will have to wait till 14 November 2008.