External JPEG file preloader

Due to popular demands and complaints from many MM forum users when my previous external JPEG preloader went offline, I am bringing back the external JPEG preloader with a new improvised script. I wasn’t sure if people still liked that preloader, so, I am sorry as most of the files went offline while changing web host. You can download the same w/o image (53 kb) or with image (350 kb).

Please note that there is no preloader for the main movie, so you may need to wait for the 17kb main movie on a slow connection. Take note that the improvement is mainly in the fact that the previous image remains shown while the next image is preloaded.

ID property of the Image tag

The img tag allow you to embed external non-progressive jpeg files and other swf files inside a dynamic or an input text field. There is an attribute called id which is supported by this tag so that you can embed an instance of your movie clip from your library and thus control it using Actionscript.

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