IIM Ahmedabad’s Leverage 2009

Leverage, the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club of IIM Ahmedabad and the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship bring to you the 1st edition of the Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference on the 6th and 7th of February, 2009. The theme for the first edition of the Conference, Leverage 2009 is “Venture Capital and Private Equity: Investing and Managing Portfolios in Distressed Times”.

One of the main attraction of the event is that of the B-Plan Showcase, where in startups will be invited to pitch to the Investors. If the Investors find the concept interesting and the team worth it, they will go ahead and likely offer them funding.

B-Plans will be scrutinized through a rigorous three step process of evaluation culminating in a closed door business plan presentation before industry experts and investors. Teams would not only get expert advice on how to fine-tune their plans and nip any shortcomings, but also a golden chance to get seed funding from the potential investors. Deadline for first round entries is January 16th, 2009. Download Showcase details and rules (pdf).

China has most incubators for innovative start-ups, next to the United States

Recently in China, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced that it has over 548 incubators, the second most in the world next to the United States. They are considered powerful in breeding innovative start-ups. The ministry reported the incubators had helped to raise about 20,000 high technology companies with over 569 garnering an annual revenues of almost $14 million US Dollars. In addition, 53 were listed on either domestic or overseas stock exchanges.
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