Effects of SOPA & PIPA

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a bill introduced in the United States. House Judiciary Committee Chair and Texas Republican Lamar S Smith, along with 12 co sponsors, introduced SOPA, on October 26th 2011. SOPA’s been created to increase the ability of US law enforcement, to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. The law intends to expand existing criminal laws, by imposing a maximum penalty of five years in prison for unauthorized streaming of copyright material.

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IT Geeks: Entrepreneurs or Drones?

The IT Crowd
Moss, Jen and Roy from The IT Crowd

As we slowly climb out of a global recession the idea of being a corporate drone is becoming less appealing. The truth is that somewhere between 7.2 to 8 million people lost their corporate-level job, most which were from large companies.

Researchers are finding that trends are showing that I.T. professionals are beginning to work for themselves in higher numbers, securing their futures and allowing them to control their own destinies. Geeks, hackers, and I.T. entrepreneurs have been doing this for years, but not in these numbers. While many people think of IT workers as firefighters who fix the everyday absurdities caused from techno-weenies, this is becoming decreasingly true.

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When the going gets tough for IT employees, they exclaim – Tough gets Going!

It does seem as though the going will get tougher for people who are struggling to make it big in the IT industry, especially for those residing in developed nations like America and England. Aspirations to build a career in IT, could demand you to move to regions like Jonesboro, Ark., Sebeka, Minn., or Macon, Mo. Thanks to the new trend called Rural Outsourcing employees are having to choose to settle in such rural areas in order to make their mark in the technology field.

Stiff competition and the desperation to retain clients has lead IT firms to quote lower costs to their clients and to facilitate this, firms have taken to Rural Off-Shoring. Technology workers, who consider moving, must make several changes not just in terms of their work culture but also in terms of their lifestyle. There must at least be present in the individual’s psyche – some sort of liking towards rural life; a real zeal to start, grow and make it big in the IT sector; no problems with constant traveling and relocating. These are some points that should exist in the IT job aspirant’s mind whilst he makes the decision of joining an onshore outsourcing IT firm.

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Venture Capitalist prefer investing in Startups to Stock Market

I was reading the Business & World section of the Hindustan Times and something caught my fancy – VCs prefer start-ups to stock market. The realm of VCs, Angel-funding, Startups is rather new in India and more importantly weird to most of the common Indian masses – be it IT, ITES, Programmers and budding entrepreneurs.

Many overseas Venture Capitalist and Non-resident Indian (including India returned Indians) have realized that investing in Indian start-ups would be far more rewarding than the country’s current booming stock market. This may, in a way, sound rather too optimistic with the fact that the Indian rupee is competing very well with the US Dollar at the moment (the US Dollar is lower than INR 40 at the time of writing this article).

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