Apple releases iPad

Apple iPad

The wait is over. Steve did his job! After the much hyped event, we have a new product from Apple. It’s an iPad. Yesterday, we wrote about what to expect off the event. Steve Jobs made many souls happy!

Last night, we saw people storming onto social networks — Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and everything else they could to publish even the minuscule detail of the device as it got revealed by Apple. Many blogs were covering the event live via pictures and text updates. It was fascinating to see few blogs did a LIVE coverage without having a live presence at the event! All this indicates how social the brand Apple gets to be, despite their silence on the product until it was finally launched, yesterday.

Topics like Apple and iPad started to trend within minutes of the launch. Few websites had to face downtime as well. Thanks to the enormous load that the social network addicts passed on to them!

Just after the product was launched, we could see the bloggers with comments like – “No multi-tasking”, Does not have a physical keyboard”, “Expensive” and more. Something that was evident when Apple launched iPhone in 2007. With time and roll-out of this device, these bloggers would come up with posts like -“Why opt for 16 GB iPad than 64 GB iPod touch?”.

Apple is by now, used to receive appraisals and criticisms alike. Sooner or later, the fan club shall only grow.

iPad: The features

  • Half inch thin, slimmest Tablet
  • 1.5 pound in weight (approx 600 gm)
  • 9.7 inch diagonal screen IPS type
  • Capacitive multi-touch
  • 1024×768 display resolution
  • 16 to 64 GB Flash storage
  • 1 Ghz A4 Processor
  • WiFi 802.11n Wifi
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • 10 Hours Battery with One Month Standby
  • iPad 3G models are unlocked
  • WiFi models shall be available in 60 days worldwide
  • Comes with Wifi and / or 3G
  • Sync with iTunes
  • New GSM micro SIM for 3G data transmission


  • 16GB: $499 (Wi-Fi) & $629 (Wi-fi+3G)
  • 32GB: $599 (Wi-Fi) & $729 (Wi-fi+3G)
  • 64GB: $699 (Wi-Fi) & $829 (Wi-fi+3G)


iPad is undoubtedly a masterpiece when it comes to read information, watch videos and use apps. That is what it is pretty much for. Expecting everything in sync with this slick device would just be a little injustice. However, with features like addition of a keyboard dock and introduction of multi-touch word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps for $10 each would justify some needs.

It’s an iPad and not a netbook or a laptop, so let’s not expect it to do which it ain’t build for. It would be a great experience for Kindle lovers to try out this new device. We would be equally anxious to see Amazon’s take on this.

For now, it shall be to early to dig into the good-bad-ugly of an iPad. We shall wait to see one, rather use it. There is more to expect from iBookstore and iWork. Let’s not forget the App Store and the community of iPhone app developers. Let the applications developed specifically for iPad arrive. There is more to come in the ecosystem, for sure.

How many of you have already planned to buy an iPad?

Is Nokia trying to fit in there?

Nokia and iPhone: Looks alike? Oh well, not quite!

Photo by Brajeshwar

Nokia and iPhoneLooks alike? Oh well, not quite!

Despite being the world leader in mobile phones for several years and with every 1/3 mobile phones being sold is known to come off Nokia’s couch, the brand is being taken for a ride by Apple’s iPhone. With the new iPhone 3G S coming up, Nokia just found another competition to what was already a chaos.

An outstanding touch screen performance, cheap initial investment of $199 (now $99 for the old iPhone 3G phones), the Apple brand and iTunes addiction are some of the valid reasons for people mounting themselves to get an iPhone. App store has several thousand apps which have come up in a short span of few years. Thanks to the easy of use iPhone provides and the terrific touch support that carries it a step ahead. Rubicon Consulting, a research company has come up with a few other shocking statistics which includes insights like;

  • More than 50% of the iPhone users have switched carriers.
  • The average bill for mobiles have increased by 24% for iPhone users.
  • 75% of people agree to the fact that their mobile browsing volume has increased.
  • Email is the highest used iPhone functionality amongst text message, web browsing and listening to music.

Nokia has always had a great signal reception and a build quality. Alongside, it has done pretty well with various form factors apart from the touch screen masterpieces. That is one area where the iPhone rocks!

RWW had an interesting article on iPhone, titled — “Today’s iPhone Users are Young, Rich, and Technically Savvy”. We all would agree to this. But the same iPhone users were happy using various phones from NOKIA before iPhone took birth. The question here is, was Nokia not smart enough to give them something that could add to a few decades old NOKIA history of providing great phones with a good battery backup, user interface and robustness? A good level of Nokia Support to add to it.

Nokia, I guess realized the same and has come up with the all new series of touch screen phones. Nokia XpressMusic 5800 was the first touch screen phone from their pocket. Buzz today is about the all new Nokia N97. Nokia is promoting the same by means of press conferences, giveaways, etc. You may want to check out the contest running on this blog.

Nokia N97 undoubtedly has a better camera than an iPhone. Thanks to its Carl Zeiss lens. The availability of a physical QWERTY keyboard is an added advantage for most bloggers and heavy internet users on a mobile device. A higher storage capacity (32GB built-in) and plethora of other features add to it.

Why is an iPhone more than just a phone whilst a feature packer Nokia phone doesn’t yet qualify for the first choice. Will Nokia be able to get the same buzz as iPhone has received amongst the users and not just blogs, tech lovers and geeks?

Where is Nokia, despite reaching several milestones in the mobile market stand next to an iPhone in the feature packed hand held devices. We have already read several articles on what is bad about an iPhone and still Apple proudly stands to it?

There is certainly a lot more than a new phone launch, a press conference and contests that’s needed to get to be the number one in touch screen mobile phone market.

Btw, best wishes and get yourself a Nokia N97.