3D TV Finally gets a boost

3D glasses, despite making you look horrifically like an 80s-movie nerd, do an OK job. That’s what researchers at the Tsukuba University in Japan thought too. So they made them better — much better. This new project from Tsukuba is prototyping a different kind of 3D display that focuses on multiple layers of depth that give enhanced depth perception and better focus.

Other Japanese projects recently displayed at CEATEC 2011 are bringing 3D TV to a whole another level (thank you Japan) by doing away with the silly Urkel-looking glasses entirely and using just the naked eye for their 3D experiences. BUT, since they are nowhere near as visually impressive as Tsukuba, who cares.

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Newest Supercomputer Processes 8.162 quadrillion Calculations Per Second

As if rivalries between Japan and China weren’t strong enough with the Olympics and the nuclear arms race — now they are in a computer arms race — and Japan just stole the title of the world’s fastest supercomputer.

The previous holder of the world record was Tianjin’s Tianhe-1A, a supercomputer that could handle 2.566 quadrillion calculations per second. The new Japanese supercomputer computes 8.162 quadrillion calculations per second. Either way, wow — and ridiculous. The new ridiculously-fast supercomputer is packed with 68,544 eight-core processors, and is housed in 672 refrigerator-sized racks. And it uses 9.89 megawatts of juice, or enough to run 9,000 homes (shhh–don’t tell Greenpeace). Actually, it is quite energy efficient when compared to its predecessors — twice as efficient.

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Is 3G just about speed?

3G Technology
Into the future with 3G. (source : Praval’s Photo Stream)

Earlier this month, we saw country’s first privately held 3G service from Tata Docomo. With large marketing efforts across all possible advertising medium, Tata Docomo established itself as the first private company to roll out commercial 3G services across 9 circles. This was analogous to NTT Docomo, the partners being the first company in the world to provide commercial 3G, a few years back! We’ve had promises from Airtel and Vodafone to launch 3G soon.

3G has been in India for the past several months, but owned by MTNL and BSNL, the PSU duo. Let’s not get into a debate of performance and service they offer!

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