Badmash behind Amitabh’s US Prime Minister candidacy

Dishoom 2008 is about Amitabh as the American Prime Minister candidate.

Keyur Patel, of Velocity Interactive Group, likes giving birth to new companies. His latest kid is a Badmash, a newly formed pune-based (India) Studio. Sandeep Sood of DoubtSourcing, who thinks brown people are funny, is the head writer at Badmash.

Badmash produces original properties and partners with creative people to develop and distribute content. Their contents are expected to be available in a wide range of formats — from your iPhone to your HDTV.

They recently launched Dishoom 2008 with a ticklish subject — Bollywood Badshah, Amitabh Bachchan — who somehow, got so bored with the American Ishtyle of Politics, decides that he “will be the American Prime Minister.”

“But there is no Prime Minister in America!”
“I know! haaahaaa, less competition.”

Badmash is planning to launch other content properties in the next several months, which includes the launch of music and voting on mobile phones in India and a very cool facebook app.


  • Badmash is a Hindi (Indian National Language) word synonymous with a crook, a naughty child.
  • – Wikipedia


Entertainment and MediaIndependent studies have revealed that the growth of India’s Entertainment and Media (E&M) industry will touch a record breaking Rs. 1 trillion mark in the next 4 years (by 2011). The E&M industry is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18%. It is currently floating around Rs. 437 billion and is expected to outgrow the country’s economy. This growth is party due to the several positive measures taken by the government. It has also been boosted by technological advancements and entry of large corporate players into all segments of the industry.

In the wake of all these out-growth frenzy in the Entertainment & Media Industry, here we have FUSE+Media, formed by Keyur Patel of Com Ventures as an entity for media investment in India. He is the Managing Director and CEO of FUSE+Media. On one of his quick black-berry-ed email while he rush off to United States, he informed me that FUSE+Media is planning to announce a series of deals in the Entertainment and Media industry. He further told me that it will focus primarily on TV, Film, Print, Radio and of course one of his love – the web. If I can guess it right, there will be announcement on the acquisition and/or stake buy-outs of a radio firm, security company that provides security to media events and perhaps some Production Houses and/or Animation Studios.
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Com Ventures invest $20 Million in NDTV

Lightens up the DarknessAbout a month ago, a meeting ran late when Keyur Patel got stuck on his way from the Airport to the Grand Sheraton Central, Lower Parel, Mumbai (INDIA). He was on his way back to Mumbai from New Delhi after some of his important meetings. Keyur Patel, who is one the major stake holder in Com Ventures, have strike many important deals in India. He have invested and still plan to invest more in India.
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My Fabrik – the marriage of an online and offline media storage

The web interface is powered by Ajax, making it easy to organize your media files – photos, audio, videos and other documents. The application have smart ways of tagging and organization through folders. Besides the impressive online mechanism that they have, My Fabrik have the ability to tie the online storage with your local storage. If you have own network connected storage device, you can subscribe to the Fabrik Media service and avail of the same. Techcrunch have a more elaborate topic about My Fabrik.

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