Facebook Faces $138,000 Fine; World Shocked!

Facebook is facing a possible fine of €100,000 ($138,000) for storing data of the users even after their account data was deleted. In one of the latest developments to shock the social networking world, Facebook’s Ireland offices are being audited after a 24 year old Austrian law student, Max Schrems; who filed 22 individual claims about Facebook’s practices.

It all began when the 24-year-old asked Facebook for a copy of all his private data in the month of June. Facebook acknowledged the request and sent him a CD containing 1200 pages of data which included his likes, ‘friend’ and ‘unfriend’ history and also chat logs. The information provided to him was broken down into 57 categories which included log-ons and email addresses, which he assumes were discerned from another user’s profile. The Austrian law student was taken aback as some of the data returned to him had already been deleted. The CD also consisted of a list of photos of himself which he had de-tagged, the names of everyone he had “poked”, which events he didn’t attend and much more. His 22 individual claims were a part of the Europe vs. Facebook initiative taken by him. His claims include the ways Facebook retains deleted user data and also puts a lens on the social networking site’s Terms of Service and business shortcomings.

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