Google’s Updated Privacy Policy Angers Europe

People are not unaware of Google’s Privacy Policy being updated every now and then. The latest version of its privacy policy that was unleashed on March 1st, 2012, has made it the centre of a huge controversy amongst the European nations. Some of the rules that have been included in this policy have fallen under severe scrutiny and are being investigated by the EU data verification authorities. France has accused these rules of Google’s Privacy Policy to be a violation of the European Laws.

The primary condition of the Privacy Policy of Google that was tagged as unacceptable by CNIL, the Data Protection bureau of France was the latest attempt of Google to pool the data accumulated from each and every individual user from all the major sites such as YouTube, Google+, Gmail etc, that are governed by Google. This undoubtedly would make Google liable to use the gathered information to monitor the search results, manipulate advertising in accordance to the interests of the individual users and make similar other uses. France had written a letter to Google stating that the CNIL and EU data authorities have not taken lightly to the invasion of user’s privacy and combining the collected information from users to satisfy the benefits of Google.

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Social Media Policy – Detailing the Concept

Social Media is a concept; it is efficient, effective and far reaching. Yet, it is just a tool in our hands. Using social media to advance your prospects or connect with your friends and family is the expected use of the tool. However, many enthusiasts go overboard with the idea and in turn reduce the standards of social media networking. In a professional context, this problem can take arbitrary proportions.

The solution is to draft a social media policy for your establishment and make sure it includes all the major points that might prove to be an issue for your work ethics in the future. Considering, not all the details regarding such an elaborate task are easy; you might require some assessment to finish writing a social media policy appropriately.

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Copyright Infringement Case – Oracle vs Google

Oracle is seeking hefty damages “in billions of dollars” from Google Inc. over the patent lawsuit, according to the court filing. Oracle had sued Google last year, claiming that Google’s Android operating system has violated Oracle’s Java patents. Oracle is also pursuing to stop further sales of these Android products and quoted that it was willful and deliberate infringement of seven of their patents and copyrights related to Java Technologies which they acquired from SUN Microsystems in January 2010. Oracle also alleged that the Android platform has explicitly copied elements of Oracle’s patented Java’s API packages.

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