LetsLunch brings Online Networking OFFLINE — bout damned time somebody went old school on networking

Let's Lunch

If you’re like me, then your social profiles haven’t done anything to your business life other than imploring you to waste valuable working hours looking at random acquaintances’ mobile uploads of their cats. Enter LetsLunch.

LetsLunch is a new networking tool that blends the ease of online networking with the practical use of actual networking. And, its as easy as 1-2-3. Literally!

  1. If you have a LinkedIn profile already you’ve got step 1 done (if you don’t you can create one or use a LetsLunch account).
  2. Step 2 is to tell the system what days you are free for lunch — after which it will send you an email with your possible lunch matches and restaurants within a convenient distance for both parties.
  3. Take a guess at step 3 (hint: its delicious, entertaining and gives you something to do over your lunch hour).

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