New Mobile Real Estate tool Flaretag: an interview with creator, 10-year Nokia Veteran Daniel Arroyo


The smartphone revolution is bringing the power of the internet to our daily lives via the powerful apps that are integrating our online and offline worlds. And those apps are being built by techno-geek-entrepreneurs such as Daniel Arroyo.

Daniel is a mobile-oriented entrepreneur, and creator of Flaretag — “a platform to connect web content with the world around you via your mobile phone”. Like many mobile entrepreneurs — this generation’s .com-ists — Daniel is inventing new and exciting ways of leveraging the internet with alternate devices.

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How Social Media Changes The Art of Modern Marketing

Social media began as a way for college students to communicate with their friends by using computers. It has now turned into a multibillion networking system that has spanned across the globe. And, this marvel has not gone unnoticed by the marketing industry.

The advent of social media over the past few years has caused a major shift in the modern marketing field. Not only are companies using social media to promote their products and services, they are also hiring social media experts to develop marketing strategies to further connect with consumers and other businesses.

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Startup Research, CSS text-overflow and why should you keep things simple

One of the early topics in the Founder Institute curriculum is “Startup Research”. Here is a video and slides of a Startup Research lesson to the Silicon Valley program by Adeo Ressi, Founder of the Founder Institute.

The talk provides an overview of how the character of different markets affects the reality of operation, how good research is critical to helping a founder understand both the journey and the destination, and how founders cannot escape the realities of the market that they are in. It is a very informative lesson and provides many practical tips for performing diligent market research before diving into a market. Follow @founding to keep yourself updated. Continue reading

The global reach of Social Media

Social Media Strategy
Planning your Social Media Strategy. (source : Advanced Human Technologies)

For every requirement such as bonding with friends & sharing life’s secrets, articulating strong opinions, analysis & evaluation of a trend, or learning while watching; there are a plethora of social media options to choose from for each of the things that form part of our intent. The year 2011, surely promises to augment this virtual brotherhood, i.e. this optimal representative of a globalizing world.

Hence keeping pace with the following trends becomes mandatory for users and beneficiaries of social media:

Marketing, Marketing & Marketing

In an era of increasing competition, a good company can become great mostly on the basis of its promotional campaigns and by building customer loyalty. In such a scenario, the low-cost endorsement option provided by social media is a godsend. Companies can advertise, inform and describe their products all in a compact space and market themselves to a sundry consumer base.

Visionary brands need to realize that social media is about sending meaningful messages and building relationships. A good example of this is the Pepsi Refresh Project. People will only ‘like’ a product or organization on Facebook because they vaguely appreciate it, but the more significant challenge is to make them come back continually.

Preaching & Professionalism

People who can delineate the company’s vision clearly should blog, manage discussion forums and play the role of virtual ambassadors. It is essential to choose and train the right person to fashion a buoyant company image. Every department in an organization – R&D, Sales, HR; should have representatives on the social web whose sole purpose should be to have the right impact on the customers so that the strategic intent of the organization for its customers is known to one and all.

Real-Time Worrying, should be Handled

Keeping pace with responses to a post or a product is difficult with so many different channels, but it is of great consequence. Discussions should be kept alive and running, as should regular updates about fresh developments. Starbucks engaged its fans with its feedback and contribution forum My Starbucks Idea. Dierdre Walsh, Community and Social Media Manager of National Instruments says, “Listening and engaging in meaningful dialogue with customers both on our site and in social media outlets like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter helps us provide quality support, improve products, and build loyalty.”

Some tools used for such social media monitoring and analysis are uberVU, Flinchline (a Dutch tool with international focus), Meltwater Buzz, Radian6, Argyle Social and and this brand monitoring tool from Brandmentions.

Wise Content will itself create Wise Branding

What you write can create your ‘brand’. Even if a chewing gum is discussed intelligently on a blog, it is likely to become a brand. Creating interesting content is half the battle won. For that content, developers must study the requirements of their audience/consumers. Journalism is being re-invented in the world of social media, and every man has a story to tell. Remember, it’s the “telling” that counts.

Branding with the help of Top Four Social Media streams

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn are at the top of the social media pyramid. If your company is not here, then you are missing out on a huge customer base. More than individual websites, it is imperative that your presence is felt on these illustrious mediums. Until more social media sites come up, make sure you keep updated information, advertisements, discussions, promotional offers and fan responses on these forums.

Further, Anthony J. Bradley lists 6 core principles that underlie the value of social media solutions — Participation, Collective, Transparency, Independence, Persistence & Emergence.

So, let’s just say “Cheers” to all the above mentions!

Can you use Adzly ads on your blog?

Adzly is a new advertising network that many bloggers have taken advantage of. Google Adsense has traditionally been used for bloggers to promote their sites, but new blogs can sometimes be great opportunities to receive traffic that would otherwise have a lot of competition. However, you can’t expect to gain anything from Adzly by cutting and pasting a few quotes from your website. You will need to put some thought into your ad and make sure that it is appealing to your target audience. Hopefully, this is already the core of your marketing strategy.

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The new rules for marketing

Marketing has been used the same way for years. The strategy that marketers have used has gone something like this:

  • The company decides what they want the customer to think of their product.
  • The company yells to the customer to buy the product.
  • The company waits to see if the customer ever decides to purchase.

For years, this process may have worked. Companies just needed to get their message out more often than their competitors. However, in today’s world, customers are exposed to a lot of messages every day. A Google Answers thread shows that different sources have come up with different estimates. Some range as low as 247 (Consumer Reports), but the standard estimate is that a customer is exposed to 3,000 ads every day.

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Choose a web developer carefully

A team of dedicated Developers
A Team of Dedicated Developers (source : Flickr)

If you were to poll a hundred serious business owners on the street and ask them if a website was a crucial part of starting a business, at least ninety would probably say it is. Yet, if you polled the same hundred people and asked what resources they put into their website, you would probably be shocked with the results.

If you think that your website is one of the most important elements to making your business successful, you should put some time and money into it. First of all, you need to be honest with yourself about your own web development skills. If your skills won’t cut it and you don’t have the time to learn, hire someone else. Period. You wouldn’t try to rebuild the engine to your car if you didn’t know how to change your oil? Why risk short circuiting your online image with a poorly designed website?

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Don’t let your email marketing campaign get mistaken for spam

Having an aggressive email marketing campaign is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business over the Internet. However, it is easy to accidentally become too aggressive and be flagged for spam. There are a few principles you should keep in mind when you are setting your campaign up so that you can maintain an ethical marketing strategy.

Where is the magic line between a spam email and a legitimate email? Unfortunately, there isn’t one. Marketing email or spam? describes how you can only try to minimize the likelihood that an email will be reflected as spam. Sometimes even the most innocent messages can get flagged by a very conservative recipient. Unfortunately, you can never control how someone is going to respond to your message.

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Using Trendistic for Marketing Research

Trendistic is a great tool that is used to follow activity on Twitter. As you are probably aware, there are about 30 million Twitter users in the world, so Twitter trends are a great tool for market researchers.

The problem with using Twitter for research is that it is often difficult to gauge what people are really thinking when they post their tweets. When they are only writing 140 characters, they could mean just about anything. However, if you really look carefully at someone’s tweets you are able to have at least a general understanding of how they feel about a particular topic.

The value that Trendistic has over some other trending apps is that users can actually use a search phrase rather to search within the body of an entire tweet rather than looking at #hashtags. This allows a researcher to get a much better approximation of how many tweets are made on a given topic.

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