Android Apps – Innovative Trend in HDR Photography

Today, most Android Devices have the best of cameras possible. In fact, your default Android device may not have a good app to take photos and share them. However, with a little help from some of the latest apps, you can transform it into a useful photographic escort. It can handle a wide range of […]

The Future of Mobile Advertising — 3 Strategies

Like it or not Mobile Advertising is here to stay. You will see advertisements on your phone — in increasing quantities — and in different ways. With smartphone market penetration at over 30% the smart mobile devices have already strengthened mobile advertising and will continue to solidify mobile strategies as market penetration increases from users […]

Google Android vs. Apple iOS; Who will win?

2010 saw just the preview of the smart-phone war. 2011 will see the complete movie. It’s Google’s Android vs Apple’s iOS. Apple’s new in-app subscription model vs Google’s; Google’s competent music service to match iTunes and Apple’s Mobile Me to match Google Buzz.