Mobile Phones – A Catalyst for the Future in Education

Along with million other uses of mobile phones, the latest upcoming advantage of this device is, it is going to create a revolution in education. Mobile phones are going to have the power to digitally impart education globally. Even the most tech-savvy person would have never dreamt in her wildest dreams, that such a possibility would ever come into being.

A unique partnership between Aptech & Hungama has led to the formation of Aptech Hungama Digital Education.

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Can Mangoes thrash Androids?

Android-powered based mobile phones are dominating the world of smartphones. Smartphones built on Windows OS are trying their level best to beat this trend. The lead in this direction was taken by Taiwan based mobile phone manufacturing company – HTC. HTC having many firsts to its credit has launched Windows based smartphones labeled HTC Titan and HTC Radar. These are launched in UK market loaded with Windows 7.5 OS. HTC had unveiled this line up in last August and made its way well ahead of global mobile phone manufacturing major, Nokia. We may expect similar range of phones from Nokia by the end of this year.

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LG Optimus – Unique 3D SmartPhone

LG Electronics, the South Korean based company which promotes with the jingle – Life’s Good, has many products to its credit. The company has made remarkable presence in the electronic gadget’s arena with it’s cutting edge technologies. After successful launch of 3D monitor and 3D LCD Television, LG announces the world’s first 3D smartphone, flagging off the race of next generation smartphones.

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Cool droid phones you should absolutely consider

Android phones have revolutionized our lives. From searching for a nearest hotel to stay while traveling, to meet emergencies like admitting into a nearest best hospital for medical care; Androids have touched every sphere of life. You have images, movies, music, games and applications and what not, everything on it! For many younger generations it has become a way of life. There are some strong addicts too. There are some teens that can stay away from their girlfriends and boyfriends but not from androids. The sleek hand-held device is able to perform most of the tasks instead of performing the same from your laptop. Android OS’s (Operating System) capability in developing powerful mobile applications helps you perform many tasks instead of going for a desktop or laptop.

Android’s fire will continue to spread in the coming months by adding many new and innovative applications to its fold. Already, it has got more than 100,000 mobile applications to its pool. In fact, it is hard to resist the revolution of comfort and smart work with these smart phones! Let me point out 5 cool Android phones in India on which you must certainly consider putting your hands on.

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Apple eyeing Hulu?

What did I say about Apple in my previous articles? I always say that the name Apple itself sounds like King. Be it either of the Apples (fruit and smartphones), both of them are enticing. I guess Apple products get enticed day by day. Now the recent enticement to its throne is Hulu. Hulu is an on-demand streaming source for movies and TV shows or soap operas on desktop PCs and mobile phones.

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Is the Future of BlackBerry Secure in the Corporates?

In recent times, the ubiquity of RIM’s award winning smartphone BlackBerry has been shrinking, thanks to companies providing an option of allowing their employees to add third-party security applications to their own picked up or chosen smart phones. This certainly gives the employees the freedom to opt for their own smart phone and in addition they take on more responsibility for security. Companies offering such applications such as Good Technology and Mobile Iron are thus intruding Blackberry’s mainstay in the corporate market.

The USP of Blackberry has been Research In Motion’s top tier security and appealing management features helping the top notch Business Firms and IT managers to control the corporate information they share with their employees, thus helping to avoid any cyber attacks on their businesses. But, analysts at CCS Insight are of the opinion that the consumer market is repeating itself in the enterprise market. People tend to and want to use the technology in their work life they use in their daily personal lives.

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The Future of Mobile Advertising — 3 Strategies

Like it or not Mobile Advertising is here to stay. You will see advertisements on your phone — in increasing quantities — and in different ways.

With smartphone market penetration at over 30% the smart mobile devices have already strengthened mobile advertising and will continue to solidify mobile strategies as market penetration increases from users replace their aging handsets.

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MNP for Mobile Phone Subscribers

Portability: That's what they're waiting for!

Photo by Juicyrai

PortabilityThat’s what they’re waiting for!

Today, mobile phones have become inevitable in one’s life. We’ve seen it grow from a mere luxury to now a necessity. The transformation in the lifestyle of we, the people is a major reason for this change. What started with a several bucks for incoming call has moved on to a plethora of plans which have free outgoing calls today.

The telecom sector has had a great time in the past 10 years. Early players have minted a huge sum of money already despite the licensing fee they would have paid to get into the play-field. From just 40.6 million mobile phone users in Spetember’2004, India is to have over 650 million users by 2012, as predicted by the Indian prime minister last year.

Admist all the number games, an acronym which is of more interest to the mobile phone subscribers is MNP or the well known and self explanatory, Mobile Number Portability.

Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator to another.

A large percentage of mobile users are willing to switch to a different service provider but cannot afford to change their phone numbers. MNP is for them. The latest news in this context was DoT’s notification on rolling out MNP by September’2009 in Delhi, Mumbai, Maharashtra and Gujarat which form Zone I and Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka of Zone 2 within the following 6 months.

MNP is active in countries like Australia, Denmark and Sweden since 2001. Even Saudi Arabia has it since the year 2006.

On researching about the delay in MNP getting introduced in India, despite the country being one of the largest in terms of mobile phone subscribers, I could infer to some surprising insights. A well known telecom blog owner and digital media reporter called it to be a delay due to a major telecom waiting to roll over the ramp before MNP kicks off. Looking at the repeated extensions of the MNP roll out, the statements appear to have a cause.

The irony is, there is no single service provider which the people wish to stick to. There are people who are running on a provider A and wish to move to provider B. On the contrary, a lot of subscribers from provider B wish to move to provider A. Hence, if MNP is to help the subscribers in general, it would do so by creating a competitive environment amongst the players in terms of network, plans, etc.

It would be a great watch to see a country like India rolling out MNP and how do subscribers react to the same. Which provider is to suffer the most with this move and which one is to be the top gainer? Another important segment would be the CDMA v/s GSM services and the fate of the players which operate in both the technologies.

A lot of questions shall remained unanswered until we see the DoT notification implemented, without any further delay.