Galaxy S – First to get a taste of Gingerbread?

In an earlier post we had covered the December 16 release of what is the first ever Gingerbread Android phone i.e. the Google Nexus S. Since then the Inter webs have gone into a frenzy with bloggers talking about the virtues of the newest release of Android and developers busy tweaking the released SDK to come up with custom ROMs for various Android phones in the market. If you were already dizzy with the speed at which Android is growing not just as an open OS project but also in terms of market reach. We already read in Kalen’s previous post that — Android phones are selling at a rate of 300,000 a day.

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HR is now Social Media Savvy!

HR Manager worry about many things like employment rights, policies & practices. They want to know if the personnel are satisfied or not, whether they pose a threat of information leaks, attrition, skill retention and overall productivity at the annual performance reviews. If that isn’t enough, how do you inspire the current Generation of personnel who tweet, text and use different tools to communicate such as blogs, podcast, tags, videos and social profiles.

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The latest debate over Android’s ‘openness’ is fueled by Steve Job and Facebook’s Joe Hewitt, the Firefox co-creator rumored to be working on a Facebook-branded mobile OS based on Android. However we are not going to delve into Android but focus on a brand new entry in the mobile OS foray — MeeGo!

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Mobile Developer Summit 2010 (India)

Mobile phones are poised to overtake PCs as the most-ubiquitous Web access device worldwide. As the ecosystem pushes the pedal to transition to a mobile-centric computing world, developers will find a greater need to distribute their products and services via mobile platforms, whether they are pursuing projects on behalf of their companies or innovating on their own.

As the focus world-wide shifts from App Stores to Developers (some even calling 2010 the Year of the Developer), the annual Mobile Developer Summit (MODS) brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the mobile ecosystem to share their passion, experience, grit and learning to a gathering of over a 1000 mobile/web application developers and technologists. Whether experienced or new developers, or industry experts and decision makers, all share the floor to debate, share and rethink the world of mobile. Continue reading