Android’s ‘Business Thrust’ predicted to crush Apple

Till last year Apple was a pioneer in the Global mobile market with its patented Apple App Store and was earning good revenue. But now the scenario is getting changed with the entry of another big name Google in the category with its Mobile Platform — Android. Alike Apple, Google is also giving more focus on latest applications to attract the user with their Android Market.

Apple’s App Store has about three times the number of apps in the Android Market, with 300,000 for Apple to 100,000 for Android. But in April, Android introduced 28,000 new Apps in the Market compared to 11,000 in the App Store. According to the research firms; with this growth rate around August 2011, the number of apps in both stores will be almost equal. After that, Android will continue to get more new applications per month than the Apple App Store. With very clear future plans Android is attacking cleverly on the drawbacks of Apple’s Business tactics. Apple applies inconsistent rules to their store for what’s allowed and what isn’t.

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