Sharpen your Startup Skills, the Harvard’s Way

What motivates entrepreneurs? Money? Control? In truth, some entrepreneurs are expecting to get rich. Others want to grow and control a new venture. But most would probably answer — both — and in the process of mixing the two, ended up with neither.

Nasscom-ICICI KP joins hands for a Rs. 100 crore VC fund

The focus areas for the fund are wireless technologies, automotive infotronics, life sciences, energy conservation technologies and devices and medical devices. “A stage has come when companies have to think beyond their interest. Companies can grow only when India grows but this thinking hasn’t yet percolated to all companies.”

China has most incubators for innovative start-ups, next to the United States

The Chinese government has incubated 41,434 fledgling companies, providing 460,000 jobs in high technologies, such as sophisticated home electronic appliances or computer hardware and software.

ComVentures merges with Velocity to form Velocity Interactive Group

Comprised of some of the most experienced and visionary investors, executives and entrepreneurs in digital media and communications, Velocity Interactive Group brings human capital, in addition to financial capital, to their portfolio companies.

ComVentures buys 19.17% stake in India TV

Comventures, in its continuing spree of heavy investment in India have continued to buy another major stake option in India TV, a 24×7 Hindi news channel of Independent News Services Pvt. Ltd. The investment of over Rs. 50.96 crore (about $11.5 million) amounting to 19.17% stake in Independent News Services Pvt. Ltd. puts India TV worth to the tune of Rs. 250 crore.