Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme

Christian Nelson currently runs the KISS WordPress Theme and he prompted me to reproduce Brajeshwar v7.0 for WordPress. He gave me a good reason to do it, he dropped $500 into my paypal account so that I can have it developed for him and also make it free for any interested blogger to use with their WordPress setup.


Again, special thanks to Christian Nelson.


  • 2006 June 12 — Revised the style for calendar support and rectified a minor bug.
  • 2006 August 7 — Thanks to Emily Robbins for the link for sending over 1000+ visits to this article (as of today, the 7th August, 2006).
  • 2006 October 17 — Nico Beerle have a modified Ajaxified version of Brajeshwar v7.0 WordPress Theme. Here are the Backup Downloads just in case – Brajeshwar v7.0 Ajaxified and it requires his modified PageNav.
  • 2006 Dec 20 — Fixed the pagination bug. Please re-download the theme again.
  • 2007 Jan 19 — Just discovered the theme at WordPress Theme Viewer.
  • 2007 Jan 22 — Solved the non separation between paragraphs, please download the fixed version from the same download link. For those who want to solve themselves, open style.css and look for { } (should be around line 325). Just after the “}” in the next line add this p {
margin: 0.8em 0;
line-height: 1.5em;

Movable Type dislocated my post(s)

As this website move from an older server to a new server on (mt), many of my posts have been dislocated with their numeric values which are not same as previous entries. I have imported all entries but I found out that many links are not that what was before.

No entry numbers are corresponding to what they should point to. May be it is because I deleted a couple of entries from my blog, which are outdated and have no relevance to this world or the other world. So, if you came from any other link elsewhere and the entry on this website looks not-so-related, please search for the term.

Movable Type

I was visiting movable type yesterday and just today I saw their new version of the both the application MT 2.2 and the website. Interested parties and those using MT can check the new happening on Oh Boy, I am not changing to MT at this moment, have little time to get used to something else, I will still be using blogger along with blogkomm for my comments for the days to come.