What Startups can learn from Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Yes, as expected Iron Man 3 was an awesome movie. The movie opens as a narrative by Tony Stark to Dr. Bruce Banner, a story that started way before Tony Stark became Iron Man. I won’t be talking about the movie, I’ll let you enjoy that at a theatre near you.

So, after the Avengers event in New York, Tony became obsessive and began prototyping lots of Iron Man suits. He moves on to another model and never have ‘the one’ perfect Iron Man suit.

Through-out the movie, you’ll see that lots of Iron Man suits were used, almost all disposable and another one always ready. None of the suits were the perfect one. Even his latest best, the Mark 42 had to be done away with, serving its purpose in the finale fight.

As a Startup Entrepreneur, be ready to build lots of prototypes, never get stuck to a single idea, move on to the next until you can get better and better with your product. Be obsess about your product, build it, re-build it, break it and then build it again. Once you have something, bring them to the battle to fight – open them to public in the real world.

Enjoy the Movie.

The Social Experiment: Old Skool is Still Cool

In today’s connected world, have you ever looked back at the times when we had conversations with loved ones face to face, hand in hand or if that wasn’t possible we wrote them hand written letters on hand made paper adorned with hand crafted insignia or memorabilia? Nostalgic isn’t it? Today I’d rather meet people on Facebook, exchange notes on Twitter and read/send mail on my Blackberry. In fact I almost loathe having to make a telephonic conversation. Why can’t you just email/txt/IM me instead? And I’m no teeny bopper, I’m a man entering middle age mind you. So imagine today’s youth doomed with the prospect of no connectivity. How would they respond to such a world?

An Idea!

The idea started when Trent Mitchell, a video-production teacher at Shorecrest saw the movie The Social Network, a story about the founding of Facebook and wondered if his students could cut themselves off from text and Facebook. Mitchell, 36 told the students that he didn’t think they could tear themselves away from social media. Half the students said they could do it; the other half thought it was the worst idea they’d ever heard, he said. So he pulled in friend and teacher Marty Ballew, and together created The Social Experiment.

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Bond will kick the living daylights out of everyone

Daniel Craig as James Bond in Quantum of Solace
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Friday is already here initiating the weekend, let’s talk a bit about Entertainment (perhaps Movies). Sun UK have a sneak preview bringing us good entertaining news — Quantum of Solace will kick the living daylights out of any rival action-hero franchises.

Daniel Craig’s second outing as the world’s most famous secret agent is something you won’t forget in a hurry.

A refreshed Bond was introduced in 2006 as a gritty killing machine, a trigger happy agent, alcoholic-noob, man who falls in love. Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale was an ultimate hit with the fans.

Sun reports that Quantum of Solace kicks off with Bond in the car chase of his life as his Aston Martin DB9 is pursued through the narrow cliff-top lanes of the Italian Lakes followed by a Bourne Ultimatum-style rooftop chase, with the famous Palio Horse Race as a stunning backdrop. The stunts, glamorously dangerous for good reasons.


A driver had head injuries after crashing into a wall filming the cliff-top chase. Another had a narrow escape after skidding off a cliff into a lake. And Craig needed eight stitches in his face after a fight scene and he had the top of a finger sliced off.

It’s a miracle anyone survived filming long enough for Bond to kill them in the movie. Quantum of Solace is the first 007 sequel, it picks up directly from where Casino Royale left off. Bond is out to get revenge for the death of his lover Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) at any cost. But his path of destruction leads him to the discovery of a new threat to the world, crime syndicate Quantum.

Bond Girls: Camille (Olga Kurylenko) and Mi6 agent Fields (Gemma Arterton)

The story builds up as Quantum’s mastermind billionaire-environmentalist Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric) uses a campaign to save swathes of rainforest as a cover for his evil plan.

Meanwhile, M (Judi Dench) is worried, “Bond, if you could avoid killing every lead there is, that would be appreciated.” To which, he dryly replies, “I will do my best” then heads off in designer suits to slay some more. Things get so bad that M revokes his licence to kill.

Here the notches on his gun far outnumber the notches on his bedpost. Nonetheless, there are two sexy Bond girls — Camille (Olga Kurylenko) and Mi6 agent Fields (Gemma Arterton). But the only flash of flesh in the 105-minute movie (the shortest Bond Movie ever) is a very quick nookie scene with Fields.

The smartass quips and camp gadget-king Q have also been axed. And for the first time the immortal line “The name’s Bond, James Bond” is not used.

In his pursuit of the bad guys, Bond goes from the UK to Italy to Bolivia to Austria, back to Italy, across to Haiti and finally to Russia. On the way, he writes off a fleet of cars, blows up a helicopter and military jetfighter, destroys a cargo plane and several boats.

Though not that ground-breaking as Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace will kick the living daylights out of any rival action-hero franchises.

The lucky residents of UK will be able to enjoy Quantum Of Solace on October 31, 2008, India will see it on November 7 while the US will have to wait till 14 November 2008.

Iron Man, the Movie

Iron Man
Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight against evil.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) is a billionaire geek-techno-business-tycoon of the Stark Industries that supplies some of the latest high-tech weapon system to the US military. He leads an obnoxious lifestyle, punctured with an abundant dry sarcasm oozing out of his jokes and an immense sense of humor firing at stunningly rapid reflexes much like many of his company’s own weapons.

Iron Man, released today, has plenty of humor, lots of snappy one-liners, a surprisingly good plot, stunning action sequences, those moments of self discovery and realization, betrayal, forgiveness, love all nicely packed into one hot movie for this summer.

The movie opens with Tony on a trip to Afghanistan to demonstrate his latest weapon, the Jericho Missile to the US Military. His convoy was attacked, ironically by the same weapons produced by his company. He was taken captive by the Afghani militants. He wakes up in a cave with a battery powered electro-magnetic disc carved into his chest which prevents the shrapnel from piercing his heart. In exchange for his freedom, the militant warlord Raza (Faran Tahir), asked Stark to make the same Jericho Missile prototype.

Iron Man

Just prior to this, the movie fills in with the origin of Tony Stark as a genius inventor, but a Pompous smirk, suave cockiness, and nonchalant quips in tow, Scotch-swigging, fast-talking womanizer, who would rather enjoy the casino game than to receive a prestigious award. He lives in a breath-taking Smart House built atop Point Dume in Malibu, California. He even appears on the cover of Rolling Stone, have a childhood photograph with Bill Gates of Microsoft.

Stark’s assistant Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is an extremely smart lady who have a secret crush on him. She does everything for him, from setting up appointments to “taking out the trash” he slept with the night before.

In the cave, Stark knew he won’t be free even if he completes the missile prototype and thus builds himself a crude yet working, effective iron suit, loaded with some powerful weapons and propellants. The escape scenes in the movie was one awesome shot and you won’t even realize the CGI involved here. You’ll hear a bunch of familiar home-tunes, yes, there are lots of Hindi, besides Afghani and perhaps some Urdu, spoken by the militants and there were no sub-titles, so I’m assuming those conversations are not important to the movie. Nonetheless, later in the movie Pepper “Translates” some portion of the Hindi, good enough to spark even more romance for her boss.

After destroying the terrorists’ supply of Stark Industry manufactured weapons, Tony’s Iron suit shoots him skyward, safely out of the camp and into the inhospitable desert. With his suit destroyed on impact, he gets a lift home to America courtesy of his close friend and military liaison Jim Rhodey Rhodes (Terrence Howard) who never stopped searching for him during all the time he was held hostage.

Back in the US, he discovers what he really wanted to do and shuts himself in his “every boy’s dream lab” building and improvising his better, efficient, Iron Man suit. He even beta-test his suit and saves innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan from the same militants that tortured him.

Well, beyond that, it will be rude on my part to spoil any more of fun. By the time the movie ends, you’ll realize that this is just the beginning of another franchise — the Iron Man series — looks like we’d be seeing lot more of Iron Man in future. This time Marvel is doing it themselves, they ain’t outsourcing their comic characters to other studios no more.

Iron Man is self-made, pretty much like Batman but without the brooding demeanor. Tony wasn’t stung by an insect nor was sent to earth from a superior planet, he isn’t mutated nor alien-like but is rather the casual bad-boy with a taste for one-night-stands, engineering, and scotch. This “not the superhero type” attitude, is something that makes Iron Man so effective, taking well-worn feats of courage and subverting the candied results with a pinch of adulthood and plenty of acidic humor. The whole 126 minute was a wonderful treat.


Went to see the movie again and this time specially not to miss the extra scene after the credit roll. Samuel L. Jackson appears as Ultimate Nick Fury, head of Strategic Homeland Intervention, Engagement and Logistics Division (SHIELD), telling Iron Man about the “Avenger initiative”.

Who is Ultimate Nick Fury?

Ultimate Nick Fury is a reinterpretation of the classic Marvel character Nick Fury, a bald African-American general, and was in fact specifically tailored after actor Samuel L. Jackson with his permission. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye.


AmuSeen in the picture is “Amu” director Shonali Bose (right) at Fame Adlabs, Andheri, Mumbai (INDIA) after her movie on a Sunday evening, interacting with the audience. It is not always everyday that you watched a movie and realized that most of the crew is sitting around you watching the same with you.

I am not really a big fan of Hindi movies popularly known as the Bollywood movies in India; I can still count the number (less than 10 at the time of writing this article) of Hindi movies that I have watched in theatres in my whole tenure in Mumbai. More because of the fact that what I see on the streets, social gatherings, mall etcetera looks very much the same as what happens in the movies. This movie was one of those far and in between Hindi movies that I watch and liked it for its different approach of treatment of the whole subject.

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