Microsoft & Nokia give birth to ‘Mango’

It is always advantageous for the all concerned populace, when two champions with different related fields join hands to work constructively. This has been proved with two giants Microsoft and Nokia. They have joined hands to create new and sensational Nokia Windows Phone 7 and the release is just around the corner.

Microsoft planned to include hundreds of additional features with their new Nokia Windows Phone 7, which has been nick-named as Mango Phone. The name makes it easier for the buyers and marketers to memorize a short and attractive name.

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Is Microsoft Playing Big Brother with their new Skype Acquisition?

Microsoft bought Skype for $8.5 billion. To put this in perspective, this is 5x what Google paid for YouTube. Many industry analysts believe that Microsoft overpaid for the VoIP giant, especially since Skype was sold in 2009 for just $2.75 billion. Given the huge jump in price there was likely an unannounced bidding war.

With Microsoft overpaying for a company that does not rake in huge revenues, the question is, what are they going to do with it?

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Nokia Sinks – Is there hope?

Nokia is no longer the king of the market, and its market share has declined to 25%, what it was in 1997. Even though it is the world’s leading handset maker, its popularity has hit a new low, according to the new global phone handset figures. “Its market share declined 5.5% points year-on-year, and its share has reached its lowest since 1997”, Gartner said in a study.

Android became the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide in the first quarter of 2011, while Apple’s market grew. The overall mobile phone sales were at a total of 427.8 million units in the first quarter of 2011, a 19% increase from 2010. Smartphone sales added 100.8 million, almost double of the 54.4 million in Q-I, last FY. They account for 23.6% of mobile phone sales, an 85% increase since the first quarter of 2010, reported Gartner.

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Nokia’s Symbian gets OS CPR

Just when we thought that Symbian had joined the technology graveyard — buried alongside the Betamax and AmigaOS, it gets OS CPR.

Symbian gets a revival even after Nokia executive Stephen Elop’s internal memo was leaked, a memo in which he pronounced Symbian DOA by comparing it to a platform on fire (and not in the good way). It was expected by most analysts that Nokia would adopt Microsoft’s new phone OS on future Nokia hardware.

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It’s about time Nokia ‘called it a day’ for Symbian

The time has definitely come for Nokia to retire its OS product wing – Symbian and make way for newer and better solutions; which are first and foremost user-friendly and tailor-made for the next-gen consumers. Symbian for many has not been quite able to match up to other competing OS like Google’s Android or the infamous Apple iOS. The God-send kind of an announcement to do away with Symbian came from Nokia at the same time last year; however Nokia took a sudden U-turn about 2 weeks ago and withdrew the closure of Symbian by taking complete control of the open source Symbian project.

The birth of Symbian happened quite a long time ago and it is seen that since Nokia’s inception both have shared a deep camaraderie between each other. There were rumors that the new N8 series of Nokia would incorporate the Linux-based OS named Maemo. Since that did not happen Nokia had to depend again on its comrade Symbian to step in. Earlier known as EPOC, Symbian was mostly used with various Psion devices like Psion 3 and Psion 5.

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Is Nokia trying to fit in there?

Nokia and iPhone: Looks alike? Oh well, not quite!

Photo by Brajeshwar

Nokia and iPhoneLooks alike? Oh well, not quite!

Despite being the world leader in mobile phones for several years and with every 1/3 mobile phones being sold is known to come off Nokia’s couch, the brand is being taken for a ride by Apple’s iPhone. With the new iPhone 3G S coming up, Nokia just found another competition to what was already a chaos.

An outstanding touch screen performance, cheap initial investment of $199 (now $99 for the old iPhone 3G phones), the Apple brand and iTunes addiction are some of the valid reasons for people mounting themselves to get an iPhone. App store has several thousand apps which have come up in a short span of few years. Thanks to the easy of use iPhone provides and the terrific touch support that carries it a step ahead. Rubicon Consulting, a research company has come up with a few other shocking statistics which includes insights like;

  • More than 50% of the iPhone users have switched carriers.
  • The average bill for mobiles have increased by 24% for iPhone users.
  • 75% of people agree to the fact that their mobile browsing volume has increased.
  • Email is the highest used iPhone functionality amongst text message, web browsing and listening to music.

Nokia has always had a great signal reception and a build quality. Alongside, it has done pretty well with various form factors apart from the touch screen masterpieces. That is one area where the iPhone rocks!

RWW had an interesting article on iPhone, titled — “Today’s iPhone Users are Young, Rich, and Technically Savvy”. We all would agree to this. But the same iPhone users were happy using various phones from NOKIA before iPhone took birth. The question here is, was Nokia not smart enough to give them something that could add to a few decades old NOKIA history of providing great phones with a good battery backup, user interface and robustness? A good level of Nokia Support to add to it.

Nokia, I guess realized the same and has come up with the all new series of touch screen phones. Nokia XpressMusic 5800 was the first touch screen phone from their pocket. Buzz today is about the all new Nokia N97. Nokia is promoting the same by means of press conferences, giveaways, etc. You may want to check out the contest running on this blog.

Nokia N97 undoubtedly has a better camera than an iPhone. Thanks to its Carl Zeiss lens. The availability of a physical QWERTY keyboard is an added advantage for most bloggers and heavy internet users on a mobile device. A higher storage capacity (32GB built-in) and plethora of other features add to it.

Why is an iPhone more than just a phone whilst a feature packer Nokia phone doesn’t yet qualify for the first choice. Will Nokia be able to get the same buzz as iPhone has received amongst the users and not just blogs, tech lovers and geeks?

Where is Nokia, despite reaching several milestones in the mobile market stand next to an iPhone in the feature packed hand held devices. We have already read several articles on what is bad about an iPhone and still Apple proudly stands to it?

There is certainly a lot more than a new phone launch, a press conference and contests that’s needed to get to be the number one in touch screen mobile phone market.

Btw, best wishes and get yourself a Nokia N97.