Nishita Photo theme on, another Photography theme, Autochrome, released

About a month ago, I got an email from Lance Willett of Automattic that they would be launching Nishita WordPress theme on That was great news! Honestly, I had not really been maintaining the theme though it turn out be a rather popular theme. The version was released sometime back – Nishita Theme […]

Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2009

The premiere competition honors the best student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, developers and computer artists from accredited higher education institutions worldwide.

SnapGalaxy introduces revenue earning model

SnapGalaxy services are divided into 2 sub-categories — Printing Service and Online Service. They allow you to send your photos anywhere in the world. They deliver premium quality photo products to their users and their friends, family and relatives.

TestFreaks – a way to find products and prices through reviews, forums, blogs

There is a plethora of shopping sites, a few of them good while others are failing to deliver. A client tipped me about an upcoming site that’s about to launch their beta site soon. The site, TestFreaks, will be aggregating a bunch information such as, professional reviews, user reviews, forums, blogs and prices.

Nishita – another Free Photo Blog WordPress Theme

A simple, sleek and minimal (quick and simple install/setup) Photo Blog theme for Wordpress – Nishita. Nishita came to my mind as I felt the need of a simple Photo blog to highlight some of the selected photographs from on my Flickr Photos.