Nishita Photo theme on, another Photography theme, Autochrome, released

About a month ago, I got an email from Lance Willett of Automattic that they would be launching Nishita WordPress theme on That was great news! Honestly, I had not really been maintaining the theme though it turn out be a rather popular theme. The version was released sometime back – Nishita Theme […]

Bulkr – Access and Backup your Flickr Photos (Mac, Windows & Linux)

Veronica Belmont, at Tekzilla, on the features and awesomeness of Bulkr. Bulkr is a no-frill, easy to use backup solution for your Flickr Photos. Flickr, an awesome Photo service from Yahoo!, lacks data liberation — you cannot download your Photos once uploaded. Of course, you can go to each photo to download them but that […]

Fotolia – Royalty free Images, Vectors and Videos

Fotolia is an image bank of free and most affordable royalty free photos and illustrations. (source : Fotolia) Started in November 2005, Fotolia have over 13 million images, vectors and HD Videos in their gallery. Fotolia also have a collection of exceptional images, from well known agencies in the world, in their Infinite Collection. With […]

LiveShare from Cooliris

LiveShare is a new Photo Sharing Site (source : Paris Live Pics on Liveshare) There seem to be no lack of Photo sharing sites these days. LiveShare is the newest offering from Cooliris. LiveShare is available for your phones (iPhone, Android or Windows 7) and also for the Web. LiveShare is targetted towards get-togethers, parties, […]

SnapGalaxy introduces revenue earning model

SnapGalaxy services are divided into 2 sub-categories — Printing Service and Online Service. They allow you to send your photos anywhere in the world. They deliver premium quality photo products to their users and their friends, family and relatives.