Adobe opens Bug-Database to public

Saw this off Colin’s blog — Public bug database for flash player.

Adobe got a sparkling new public place to report and track bug-database for Adobe Softwares and Technologies. In Colin’s own words,

Beyond its usefulness as a feedback channel for developers, the bugbase should be a nice resource for checking on known issues and their workarounds. The system also gives participants the option to voice support for fixes to existing bugs, which will help Adobe prioritize their engineering efforts based on community feedback.


Web video gone wild

Recently, Adobe announced the availability of the beta version of their latest Flash Player. With it came the good news about the future of high quality video on the Internet – support for H.264 video, ACC Audio, et al. Of course, the superior quality that H.264 will bring is definitely going to be a key factor in the future. However, what tagged along with the good news were some caveats and strings that will make you to think and ponder upon what it will cost you.

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Flash Player supports H.264 – the standard deployed in Blu-Ray and HD-DVD

Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe have just announced the availability of Adobe® Flash® Player 9, code-named Moviestar, which includes H.264 standard video support – the same standard deployed in Blu-Ray® and HD-DVD® high definition video players – and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio support, as well as hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced full screen video playback.
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