Paperless Journeys with Mobile Technology

We are already mobile while traveling, but that cannot be enough for the technologically enhanced world, and so there comes the advent of “Mobile Technology into the Travel Sector.” Abacus International tells us more about the mobile trends of 2011.

It has been reported that 60% airlines have offered mobile check-in in 2010. This has happened to ensure that all airports become mobile-enabled by implementing Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP). Asia Pacific has the most number of mobile subscribers with over 2.1 billion phone subscriptions in 2010, in addition to a forecasted growth of 50% by 2020. Smartphones have invaded every part of the Asian region and internet services on these phones are set to generate $80 billion in the region. The internet has not eliminated the need to travel; instead it has enhanced it manifold and made it much easier and comfortable.

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Does Open Source have in it to be Numero-Uno?

I remember writing an article about 2 months ago, on Open Source’s revenue flow and the actual source of the payments that Open Source gets. I stated that the question of Where does Open Source get its Payment from? is one that could have multiple answers. This question of whether Open Source has it all to be Number 1 also has a similar confusion. It should seem like Open Source does have it all, but there are several instances wherein Open Source has lost out to the Big private players like Oracle, IBM, SAP, etc. who easily trade their products in the market for big bucks too. So if you were to ask me what Open Source really lacks, I would say that it falls short in advertising, marketing and selling its products.

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SnapGalaxy introduces revenue earning model

SnapGalaxySnapGalaxy was launched in late 2006 with their primary focus of allowing users to send photo prints to friends and relatives. SnapGalaxy services are divided into 2 sub-categories — Printing Service and Online Service.

They allow you to send your photos anywhere in the world. They deliver premium quality photo products to their users and their friends, family and relatives. There is unlimited photo storage, photo sharing, PhotoFolio, VirtualPhoto and much more.

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