Intel’s LibreOffice gives you Liberty

Intel – the iconic name in the computer industry has delivered a wide range of processors over the eons. As a matter of fact, processor plays key role in the performance of desktop or laptop. Processors developed by Intel are used by the majority of computer manufacturers all over the world.

Now, Intel has spread its wings to offer application programs in association with The Document Foundation (TDF). The open source product is available for distribution through AppUp store. AppUp store is meant for purchase of Ultrabook which was setup by Intel. LibreOffice which is distributed by Intel has the capability to pose a challenge to Microsoft’s Office products. No more customers are required to shell heavy price for the purchase of MS-Office products.

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Effects of SOPA & PIPA

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a bill introduced in the United States. House Judiciary Committee Chair and Texas Republican Lamar S Smith, along with 12 co sponsors, introduced SOPA, on October 26th 2011. SOPA’s been created to increase the ability of US law enforcement, to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. The law intends to expand existing criminal laws, by imposing a maximum penalty of five years in prison for unauthorized streaming of copyright material.

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Vendor Benchmarker Ashwin Ramasamy Talks about his Entrepreneurial Experiences with ContractIQ


Ever had a new vendor let you down? Had trouble finding a company that does/sells X? Then ContractIQ has got your back. ContractIQ is a fresh new start-up matching the Small and Medium Enterprise space with top-of-their-class service providers.

With a continually updated list of benchmarked vendors ContractIQ advises SME business on their vendor selection — empowering them to make valuable growth-oriented decisions.

I got the chance to interview the brain behind the brainchild, Ashwin Ramasamy — founder of ContractIQ and graduate of the Founder Institute. After lead roles in several startups, and now ContractIQ, Ashwin is in a great spot to offer advice to entrepreneurs-to-be, so I asked him about ContractIQ and his entrepreneurial experiences.

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LG Optimus – Unique 3D SmartPhone

LG Electronics, the South Korean based company which promotes with the jingle – Life’s Good, has many products to its credit. The company has made remarkable presence in the electronic gadget’s arena with it’s cutting edge technologies. After successful launch of 3D monitor and 3D LCD Television, LG announces the world’s first 3D smartphone, flagging off the race of next generation smartphones.

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2008, the Buzzwords that were

Buzzwords: A flashback into the previous year.

Photo by Martinc

BuzzwordsA flashback into the previous year.

The common buzzwords heard in the year 2008 were recession, credit-crunch, bankruptcy, bailout and others related to the financial markets as it was a year when the global economy faced huge downturn. Amidst this economic meltdown, Linux was another buzz. The open source market share did show quite interesting trends which is a good sign for it to hit better scores in the markets in 2009. Open Source projects are considered to be more viable and are being used on a broader platform. Open Source is doing well because it not only targets to provide products, but in addition provides services that are worth having as well. Most open-source companies make the bulk of their revenues from subscriptions, which are considered to be highly profitable. Some traditional OSS companies that have now started aggressively to obtain patents (e.g. Red Hat) are examples of profitable businesses.

We can agree to the fact the open source isn’t a great economy, but undoubtedly it holds benefits. The traffic is considerably up at open-source websites. All the repositories (Sourceforge, Google code etc) holds high number of current projects and each one of them is gaining large number of new open-source projects in the year 2009.

The release of figures of browser’s share trend showed that Internet Explorer is below 70% and Google’s Chrome is at 1.04%. Reaching nearly 22 percent worldwide market share is a significant milestone for Firefox. IE was close to 100% of the market a few years ago. IE had no competitors and that was one of the main reasons for its downfall. Firefox developers are on their feet to do better and reap the benefits of having well funded and extremely ambitious browser team. This shows that we are entering into diversified environment with not any particular browser leading it. The open standards and its distribution is what ultimately matters.

Windows OS slides down at nearly 89% of the operating system share trend followed by Mac and Linux with nearly 10% and 1% respectively. But these OS are moving aggressively towards the mobile market which is their market in real sense to provide services and add value for their customers. This will surrender considerably more of the market to Linux.

Sales at open-source software companies are booming, even as stock prices slump. As the recession puts pressure on tech spending, many companies are turning to open-source software. The economic meltdown is fueling a mini boom in the world of open source. The benefits of open source extend well beyond cost savings .Commercial open source is coming into its own can is proved by the fact that the revenues have dramatically increased for Red Hat and Novell Linux in 2008.

The open source, an interesting business model of most of the freely distributed software and created by group of programmers across the globe for which minimal fees are charged is one whose time has come. Open source has hit its stride, and it must be preferred for enterprise requirements as it provides highest level of interoperability.

What does Open Source have for us in the year 2009?

TestFreaks – a way to find products and prices through reviews, forums, blogs

Nikon D40xI was looking for reviews, price list, comparisons while I was planning to buy my first DSLR. I settled for the Nikon D40x as it came under my budget and I think I made a good choice for an entry level, hobby photography DSLR.

During my planning process, co-incidentally, a client of mine emailed me about TestFreaks, a new aggregator kinda sites that pulls in reviews, test, etc from blogs, forums and news sites. I won’t say the site is one stop point for all your reviews reading but it does prove to be a good starting point. They are expected to start their private beta soon, sign-up if you wish to be invited.

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