Coda 2 comes built-in with Sass Mode

Sometime back in November last year, I was contacted by Steven Frank, Co-Founder of Panic. Panic wanted to officially support Sass with their upcoming new version of Coda, and wanted to start off from our Sass.Mode (maintained by me and Tom-Marius Olsen). Well, why not. That was an awesome thing. Today, Panic released Coda 2, […]

SASS/SCSS version of Twitter Bootstrap v2.0

Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.0 was released recently. Twitter Bootstrap is a Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions. Bootstrap is powered by LessCSS. For those more comfortable with Sass, I did the Sass version of Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.0 sometime back. It’s got both the SASS and SCSS syntax. → […]

Stop torturing yourself with plain CSS, code with a CSS pre-processor

First, let me tell you, I’m pretty good with CSS. However, I’ve always hated writing CSS. Writing CSS is like using dried woods, leaves and rocks to lit a fire everything you need to cook something. You may become very good with it, but it’s an unforgiving task and you’ve to do the rigorous feat […]