SASS/SCSS version of Twitter Bootstrap v2.0

Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.0 was released recently.

Twitter Bootstrap is a Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions.

Bootstrap is powered by LessCSS. For those more comfortable with Sass, I did the Sass version of Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.0 sometime back. It’s got both the SASS and SCSS syntax.

→ Get the Sass version of Twitter Bootstrap v2.0.0.

Stop torturing yourself with plain CSS, code with a CSS pre-processor

First, let me tell you, I’m pretty good with CSS. However, I’ve always hated writing CSS. Writing CSS is like using dried woods, leaves and rocks to lit a fire everything you need to cook something. You may become very good with it, but it’s an unforgiving task and you’ve to do the rigorous feat every time you need the fire. CSS is bland, dumb, linear and it’s utter lack of intelligence is derogatory even to the most novice coder.

Many designers and developers have urged the need for variables, constants or at-least some rudimentary intelligence. But it is unlikely, a far-fetched dream and is not happening anytime soon. And, there is the often dreaded math you have to do every time you write CSS grids/columns.

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