Search Marketing Industry – in a ‘Make or Break’ State

Everyone wants to be at the top of their game, and will go to any lengths for it. Then why blame SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) who make the game more interesting, by introducing players you would not expect to find on the field. The thought worth pondering over is; when Google is asked a question, and it shows up results that don’t quite make sense to you; it is natural to wonder what happened to the optimization of search results.

From time immemorial, Search Engine Marketers have followed the idea that companies need to hire them to increase a web site’s rankings in the search engines. Higher rankings meant more traffic, which eventually would result in higher sales. In this equation, a search engine’s most important source is the User. Search engines have evolved most rapidly in the last decade. That has happened to give higher quality results to any search query, and to keep SEO spammers from exploiting search results. Despite these two rules, SEOs have managed to find their way across with the help of small algorithmic rankings.

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