Quantity vs. Quality – The Google Algorithm!

You can search for anyone and their uncle on Google, and it won’t disappoint you, and now with the new algorithm the search results will be cleaner and more focused. Google has updated its algorithm to remove the rankings of sites it considers “content farms” and upgrade search results.

This change affected about 12% of search queries, which amounts to a lot in Google world. Google has termed the result as – widely positive, but has also admitted that there might be some collateral harm. Content farms are so pervasive that it is tricky to ascertain good quality which has an impact on publishers and readers.

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Nestoria – A property search engine, launched in India

A player that already has its presence in 7 other countries should naturally be thrilled to be unveiled in a country like India. Especially, when the country shows huge potential for growth and prosperity. Nestoria is now in India, and they call themselves – Nestoria India in the sub-continent. After having launched their services in France, Australia and Brazil last year, the property search engine firm has set foot in India. This move must be a very exciting one for the team considering the fact that the population here is larger than any of the other countries they operate in and the fact that there are so many people who are on the lookout for new and furnished homes.

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Don’t take pagerank at face value in your SEO

If you are doing SEO for your own or someone else’s website, you know what pagerank is. You have heard people claim that they use pagerank as the primary or even the only basis for their ranking. They focus on building links from high page rank sites and use pagerank as one of the only aspects of their keyword research strategy.

There are a number of reasons why pagerank is not an effective way of measuring the competitiveness of a webpage. You can read more about it in Why Toolbar Pagerank is Worthless.

Pagerank varies significantly on the front page

If pagerank was the most important part of SEO, you would expect that all of the results on the front page would have about the same pagerank. As you would move from to the second and third pages, pagerank would decline and still be relatively consistent. A couple of experiments I ran showed different data. I used the Google Bulk Pagerank checker on the keyword “technology startup” and found that the pagerank values of the pages varied between 2 and 6.

I also conducted another pagerank test after using the keyword “social bookmarking.” A couple of the pages had no pagerank at all, while a PR 10 page (the page to the Add This! widget) wasn’t even on the first page.

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Search Engine + Human Touch and Slashtags = Better Search Results

How often have users complained and cribbed about the failure of best of the business Search Engine sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc’s failure of not producing perfectly relevant search results has left many users annoyed. The new search engine – BLEKKO comes with new and improved promises of bringing out relevant search results; results that completely depend on human input more than the mundane and conventional search engines like Google and Bing.

Currently since the web is over-populated with marketing spam, there is a large possibility that most of the top 10 search results churned out by Google are not perfectly authentic. Thus, it makes sense for someone like Blekko to take note of this loophole and launch a search engine that is designed in a manner whereby it throws up results approved by your friends, colleagues, and a vast audience who also apparently requested for a similar search result in the past.

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Google, Yahoo! and other Search Engines will index Flash Files

This is the beginning of a new phenomena — Google, the leader in Search — will now be able to index textual content in Flash files of all kinds — Flash menus, buttons to banner, to self-contained Flash websites. Google have launched their Flash indexing algorithm, we can expect improved visibility of Flash content, with better search results and snippets.

People who have once shunned Flash for the lack of visibility on Search Engines can now rejoice. Earlier, it have been very difficult to make Flash contents indexable by Search Engines.
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Multiple Sitemaps on a single Domain

Do you have more than one website, or rather lots of them? You can now reduce one hassle of the many that goes in maintaining lots of websites, blogs — the ability to place Sitemaps for multiple hosts on a single host through robots.txt.

We know how to include auto-discovery of Sitemaps using robots.txt. Google have announced a new way for Sitemap cross-submissions using Google Webmaster Tools, making it possible to submit Sitemaps for multiple hosts on a single dedicated host.

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