Getting better conversions with location-based SEO

Marketers often get a lot of exposure and traffic to their website, but the actual conversions they receive may be much lower than they hope. The problem isn’t always the amount of traffic they are receiving, but who is actually coming to their website. One of the most common problems entrepreneurs face is that they are reaching people outside their zone of business.

A photographer I know told me that his website gets tens of thousands of visitors a month. Unfortunately, the traffic he is getting is coming from people at least 500 miles away. I told him that he needs to focus on developing a location-based marketing strategy so that he can reach people in the San Francisco area.

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Movable Type dislocated my post(s)

As this website move from an older server to a new server on (mt), many of my posts have been dislocated with their numeric values which are not same as previous entries. I have imported all entries but I found out that many links are not that what was before.

No entry numbers are corresponding to what they should point to. May be it is because I deleted a couple of entries from my blog, which are outdated and have no relevance to this world or the other world. So, if you came from any other link elsewhere and the entry on this website looks not-so-related, please search for the term.