Krassimir Fotev scoffs at SEO with his brainchild, Peer Belt

If you’re like me then you are sick of SEO. These cookie-cutter predictive patterns that create a myopic filter for the content we see online make as much sense as casting a rapper in a film noir, or taking a three-year old to a fine china shop. This must be what Krassimir Fotev thought when […]

Search Marketing Industry – in a ‘Make or Break’ State

Everyone wants to be at the top of their game, and will go to any lengths for it. Then why blame SEOs (Search Engine Optimizers) who make the game more interesting, by introducing players you would not expect to find on the field. The thought worth pondering over is; when Google is asked a question, […]

Getting better conversions with location-based SEO

Marketers often get a lot of exposure and traffic to their website, but the actual conversions they receive may be much lower than they hope. The problem isn’t always the amount of traffic they are receiving, but who is actually coming to their website. One of the most common problems entrepreneurs face is that they […]

Don’t take pagerank at face value in your SEO

If you are doing SEO for your own or someone else’s website, you know what pagerank is. You have heard people claim that they use pagerank as the primary or even the only basis for their ranking. They focus on building links from high page rank sites and use pagerank as one of the only […]

Pay-per-click is inferior to SEO but can still have a purpose

Online marketers are spending billions of dollars in the U.S. alone trying to use pay-per-click advertising to promote their products. The return on investment would assume at first that this is money well spent. But is it really? While only 15% of the people who use Google, click on paid ads, this results in a […]