Intel’s LibreOffice gives you Liberty

Intel – the iconic name in the computer industry has delivered a wide range of processors over the eons. As a matter of fact, processor plays key role in the performance of desktop or laptop. Processors developed by Intel are used by the majority of computer manufacturers all over the world.

Now, Intel has spread its wings to offer application programs in association with The Document Foundation (TDF). The open source product is available for distribution through AppUp store. AppUp store is meant for purchase of Ultrabook which was setup by Intel. LibreOffice which is distributed by Intel has the capability to pose a challenge to Microsoft’s Office products. No more customers are required to shell heavy price for the purchase of MS-Office products.

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IBM’s Innovation – Open Source EGL Tools

IBM announced the release of Eclipse EGL Web Developer Tool version 0.7. It is the first open source version of its EGL development tool. EGL stands for Enterprise Generation Tools, which is developed by IBM. It is a programming tool deliberated to meet the challenges of new, multi platform application development by providing a common language and programming model across languages, frameworks and runtime podium. The language makes use of concepts familiar to anyone that uses statically typed languages like Java, COBOL, C, etc. On the other hand, the language borrows the notion of Stereotype from Universal Modeling Language, not usually found in statically typed programming languages.

EGL is not just another language. The philosophy behind was to build up a new platform without implying to learn a new language. EGL has many great features like Source editing, Visual Editing, Rich Widget Library, Debugging, IDE Test Server, Database Access, Web services and Batch Programs.

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Boomerang – Assuring Email Delivery at Gmail

If you are one of those with a cluttered mailbox and overstuffed folders with some of the drafts waiting to be sent and some mails awaiting a reply from you later, you are not to be blamed as we understand that having a clean tidy inbox is a rare sight. But you can now heave a sigh of relief and cheer. Boomerang for Gmail has arrived to conquer your inbox. It is a Firefox/Chrome plug-in exclusively meant for Gmail users which allows you to take control of when you send/receive your email messages. It will become a lot easier to manage the thousands of emails buried in your inbox, isn’t it?

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Google Wallet ensures no pick-pocketting for you

The way we pay has changed three times in the past few thousand years. From coins to paper notes to plastic cards. Now, a mobile application developed by Google only for Sprint Nexus S 4G allows the user can make secure payments fast and convenient by simply tapping the phone on a pay-pass enabled terminal checkout. Google plans to develop this application for more mobile phones. Google Wallet, allows the user to use the mobile phones and enhance in-store shopping experience and thus helping bridge the gap between online and in-store customer interactions.

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Paperless Journeys with Mobile Technology

We are already mobile while traveling, but that cannot be enough for the technologically enhanced world, and so there comes the advent of “Mobile Technology into the Travel Sector.” Abacus International tells us more about the mobile trends of 2011.

It has been reported that 60% airlines have offered mobile check-in in 2010. This has happened to ensure that all airports become mobile-enabled by implementing Bar Coded Boarding Passes (BCBP). Asia Pacific has the most number of mobile subscribers with over 2.1 billion phone subscriptions in 2010, in addition to a forecasted growth of 50% by 2020. Smartphones have invaded every part of the Asian region and internet services on these phones are set to generate $80 billion in the region. The internet has not eliminated the need to travel; instead it has enhanced it manifold and made it much easier and comfortable.

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Firefox 5 Preview – More Social, UI & Tab Updates

Firefox 4 is still in beta. It is still a kid, while the people at Mozilla are planning to launch the next version. It seems that Mozilla is really speeding up in developing the next version this time. Firefox 5 is to be launched by the end of June this year. That is already cool; the fast consecutive launch. And, there are yet cooler stuff too. Firefox 5 is gonna be feature packed.

According to ConceivablyTech, the new generation browser will be more tightly constricted to user interface (UI). The tab centric usability of the browser will be expanded by including features like multiple tab selection where users will be able to select multiple tabs at the same time and close them together, move them or make them app tabs. There will be a new tab page as well. The developers have also decided to remove the ‘home’ button altogether and make that into a permanent app tab.

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