Y Combinator’s new Gambit is the ultimate founder dating & recruiting manna

There’s been quite an array of reactions to the new move by Y Combinator when they announced the application for startup entrepreneurs sans the idea of a Business or a Product. As a ‘Startup Entrepreneur’, my spontaneous reaction, wrapped in a tweet was, “any entrepreneur or founder eager to do a Startup will be brimming […]

How to Hire a Great Web Designer

Garry Tan, designer-in-residence for YCombinator, shares some insights on how to hire Great Web Designers for your Startup/Company. For startups on the Web, design is often a fundamental differentiator. It’s important to have a design leader in the company as early as possible—and he should be given say over schedules, deadlines and product strategy. The […]

Founder Institute launches the 2011 Silicon Valley Semester

Founder Institute launches the next Silicon Valley semester, running from June 27th to September 27th, 2011. Apply today and the $50 admissions test processing fee will be waived. If you’re interested in the program, you’re invited to the Grad Night Out this Wednesday. Note: This will be the last semester which Adeo Ressi will personally […]

Founder Institute opens Global Admissions, expands to more cities

If you’re starting a new company or planning to start one, Founder Institute, may be just the right one for you. In short, Founder Institute will help you cross your t’s and dot your i’s to help reduce the cost and increase the quality of starting an enduring and meaningful technology company. Founder Institute announced […]