Will love-hate relationship continue with Flash 11?

The love-hate relationship that millions of computer geeks around the world have with Flash is about to change. Flash Player has gotten a makeover and released its version 11. The widely-used browser plug-in from Adobe got an overhaul, undoubtedly due to threats to its monopoly from rapidly-growing web standards competitors like HTML5, Silverlight and Java […]

ZDNet, TechCrunch, ReadWriteWeb; They’ve got it wrong

Some-a people out there in our nation don’t have that, and I believe RIA, like, such as in Flash and Silverlight everywhere, should help the US, or should help Adobe, and should help India, and should help Sun so that we’re able to build up RIA.

Java creator, James Gosling does his part of Flash Bashing

If you look at something like Flash, when you get to the much more advanced stuff — richer interfaces, more complex network protocols, more complex APIs — it really falls short.

Web video gone wild

Adobe will not allow third party streaming servers to stream H.264 video or AAC Audio into the Flash Player? One would need an appropriate license from Adobe to do so! So, for the future high quality Video on Web, will Adobe have the last laugh?