Facebook Commerce – Concept, Present Lack of Sheen & Reasons

F-Commerce launched with hyper-ambition is losing its sheen. Buoyed by Facebook’s successful track record in the promotion of products and services, it has attracted leading businesses to gamble with F-Commerce in the form of Facebook stores. However, due to negative results there is growing dismay on these stores and the establishments are winding off at a much quicker pace than the pace taken to demonstrate their identity on Facebook stores.

Before condemning the strategy behind the F-Commerce for its perceived failure, it should be remembered that evolving technologies take time to take shape and to consolidate their stand. As a matter of fact, no system is foolproof. While developers and innovative entrepreneurs come with ‘out of the box’ ideas and approach to grab the world of endless opportunities and possibilities, there will be a definitive phase where correction takes place. Consolidation happens once the correction phase ends. The waves of corrections and consolidations will overlap and offer concrete platforms where foolproof systems can be developed and implemented with very high levels of success. As F-Commerce is in the initial phase, it will take time to show its colors and relevance in offering new ways of solutions for businesses to further promote their products and services.

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Google Plus – Hope, Not a Google Sham!

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There are a plethora of social websites available in the virtual world. Wikipedia even has a list of them. Despite, Google has taken a bold step by unveiling Google Plus, one of it’s precious projects. If rumors are to be believed, it could give a tough competition to the king of the social networks, Facebook. Few geeks among us would have already figured out the difference between both Facebook & Google Plus. For those who haven’t, do read ahead for my take on it.

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Social Media Simplicity – 4 Essential Plugins

My grandmother just friended me on Facebook. So, either hell has frozen over, or social media has truly permeated every aspect of life. This multi-generational Zeitgeist is huge and companies are caching in. The best part is it is cheap and easy enough for even the smallest website to take advantage of.

The lazy approach to social media marketing is to install a bunch of plugins, which is the reason why some websites look like a McDonalds playground of colors and floating boxes.

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The only social networking strategy that works

There is a lot of debate in the entrepreneurial community on the effectiveness of social networking. The reason why they are in disagreement over the return they can receive from social networking is because only the ones who do it right understand how well it can work.

The truth is that if you do social networking incorrectly, you are not just wasting your time. You are also at risk of damaging your brand image. There are many different strategies that you can use in social media, but all of the successful ones are build on a common foundation.

Before you begin social networking, it is essential you determine what you want to become in the social networking universe. There is no right or wrong in what you decide to become, but it is still something that you have to decide before you begin your campaign.

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Don’t Let Facebook ruin your Brand Image

Many entrepreneurs are eager to grab some publicity off of the social networking model and Facebook is obviously the most obvious place to begin. However, just because Facebook is the most successful social networking site does not mean that it is the easiest to work into your business model. Facebook is NOT for Business says other social networks can already do everything that Facebook is capable of.

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